Ongoing Catchphrase Contest

March 30th, 2007.

Ok, people.

There are two things I did not foresee when I started my catchphrase contest.

1. People would think I wrote the catchphrase and constantly bust my chops about it.

2. I would get bored seeing the same catchphrase every single day.

However, I still think it’s a bit egotistical to write your own catchphrase. Also, I prefer the ones you guys write for me anyway. You people are cleverer than I am.

So here’s what I’m going to do: starting today, I am going to hold an ongoing Catchphrase contest. This means that if at any point in time you’d like to write me a catchphrase all you have to do is link it back to me. If I use it, you will win a permanent link to my Catchphrase Credits page located over there on the top sidebar type thingy.

I’ll be using multiple catchphrases and plan to mix them up often. If no one has written me anything decent, I’ll just use a song lyric or a freaking famous quote or whatever. But like I said, I’d much rather use yours.

Don’t be afraid to be insulting, either! Those catchphrases are the most fun. In lieu of insulting me, I suppose you can always just write something funny. Kiss ass catchphrases are the worst, so save your time if all you plan to do is compliment me.

*Note to catchphrase winners: please let me know if my catchphrase credit page brings you a fair amount of traffic. After all, I want the reward for writing me one to be somewhat decent. Be specific.

Anyway, have fun guys.

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