Now That XM Radio is Being Censored, It is Not Worth Paying For

May 16th, 2007.

I have been an XM subscriber for close to 3 years now.

I canceled my subscription today.

The suspension/termination of radio shock jocks Opie and Anthony sealed the deal for me. I refuse to shell out my hard earned dollars for uncensored radio that is suddenly being censored.

For those that don’t know, the whole Opie and Anthony fiasco started when they invited a homeless man onto their show who claimed he wanted to rape Condoleeza Rice. No one in their right mind actually took the threats seriously, but Opie and Anthony were forced to apologize on behalf of the homeless guy anyway. Apparently, they did so sarcastically and suffered a 30 day suspension as a result. Later it was leaked to the fans that the 30 day suspension was actually a full termination, but either way, the whole things reeks of censorship to me.

Also, who doesn’t fantasize about raping Condoleeza Rice?

See, you all thought I was just being paranoid when I said that our first amendment rights were slowly, but surely, being trampled on. When I made note of the symbolic banning of the word ‘nigger’ in New York City, not a single reader of mine so much as flinched. Then Ann Coulter got her nuts busted for calling John Edwards a ‘faggot,’ Don Imus got canned for having the audacity to call someone a ‘nappy headed ho,’ and JV and Elvis got the boot after making fun of Asian accents. Now, Opie and Anthony are on their way out the door for shit they didn’t even say that took place on a supposedly uncensored radio show.

No one is noticing a trend here?

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and various special interest groups would have you believe that the comments made by these people constitute ‘hate speech’ and are damaging to society. They lack the ability to understand the intricate difference between calling someone a mean name and inciting others to physically hurt another person. In other words, calling a group of people ‘stupid’ hurts nothing but their feelings. Actually encouraging people to kill a group of people is damaging. You know, for real. But people like Jeanette Wang (an executive with the Organization of Chinese Americans) want you to think both statements are innately the same. When JV and Elvis were fired, she was quoted as saying, “This is a victory not only for the Asian-American community, but for all communities who find themselves constant targets of racist and sexist programming.”

Racist and Sexist programming? What the fuck does that even mean? Is Jeanette Wang actually insinuating I am such an impressionable idiot that a few bad jokes will actually turn me into a racist? Seriously, has there been any scientific evidence to support this crap? Like, if someone stands next to me right now and chants the word ‘nigger’ 100 times, will I suddenly lynch my neighbor?

You know what I think? I think people like Al Sharpton and Jeanette Wang are the real racists. They imply with their words and actions that minority people are weak and ineffectual and need their protection. They insist that big, bad, evil words (Which, I might add, are nothing more than sounds that are produced when our lips and tongues move in certain ways) will damage you, so you need them to step in on your behalf and shield you from the harshness of the world. They want to alleviate your personal responsibility in how you feel and insist that you couldn’t help but to have your feelings hurt. Every time someone like Al Sharpton steps in and attempts to cover your ears when someone says something mean, he is telling you that a word is more powerful than you.

Words can’t hurt you unless you let them hurt you. When someone says something nasty, you can either choose to be offended or you can choose to assume the messenger is ignorant. You are not a weak little child who can’t help but to be outraged by someone who isn’t even worth your mental energy. You have a choice, people!

I, for one, am not a child. I have the mental clarity to decide for myself what is or is not offensive or intolerable. I do not need special interest groups or government officials’ sugar coating my life for me.

I do realize that advertisers have a right to pull sponsorship from people who they feel don’t uphold their public moral image and I am OK with that. However, XM radio was supposed to be different. I paid my monthly fee specifically because I didn’t want my talk radio to be forced to bow at the mercy of advertisers and various other special interest groups.

In the end, XM radio promised me something they didn’t follow through on. They promised me the raw, witty, funny, UNCENSORED radio that I couldn’t get on the regular feel-good public radio stations. Then greed and societal pressure got the best of them and the end result is the termination of the Opie and Anthony Show for fairly innocuous statements.

Just like advertisers have a right to pull sponsorship from companies who don’t support their moral agenda, I have a right to do the same. This is why I canceled my subscription to XM radio. Anyone who claims to be against radio censorship should do the same.

Also, who doesn’t fantasize about raping Condoleeza Rice?

You can find more information about all this bullshit at the forums located here.

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