Men are Better Than Women

July 26th, 2007.

Would it encourage the rumors that I am actually a man if I admit I think this website is hysterically funny?


Oh well.

I spent the better part of the day browsing his archives and laughing my ass off.

From 10 Reasons Why Watches are So Manly:

9. Watches come off.

In the old days, you had to roll your sleeves up when some asshole was about to get popped in the mouth — even if you were the asshole. Shirts were expensive back in the 20’s and money didn’t grow on trees like women think it does.

A watch prepares you for a rousing game of fist-mouth by coming off and being given to your least-drunk friend, or the guy who secretly doesn’t want to fight. Once the watch is off, you can let The Smothers Brothers or The Hammers or Prince Utopia and Buck Dynamo, or whatever you manlily call your fists, out for a whirlwind tour of Teeth Town.

Oh come on! That is some funny shit!

By the way,  you can totally thank that guy for today’s lack of update.

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