Interview and Stuff

September 12th, 2007.

First of all, there’s a new catchphrase up. The guy who submitted it did so via his myspace page, but since then, his myspace has gone private. If you’re reading this myspace page guy, make your page public again and I’ll plug you here. Otherwise, it’s a waste. [Edit: Myspace guy has gone public again! His name is actually ‘Mike’ and you can check him out here.  Er…Friend him. Or something.] For everyone else, find out how you too can join my catchphrase contest here.

Secondly, I am seriously considering buying this T-Shirt . Dakota Fanning creeps me out, too. Actually, if you’re looking for a laugh, you might want to browse the entire website. It’s an online T-shirt store, but their descriptions for their shirts were pretty hysterical.

Lastly, in lieu of an actual update today, I consented to do an interview with Dick Masterson from Men are Better Than Women. I’m generally a shitty person to interview, but Dick was sharp witted enough to make up for my inadequacies. Read what we talked about here.

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