Poor, Poor Insurance Agent

September 27th, 2007.

Insurance Agent: Well, I spoke to the biological Mother today.

V: *laughs* Oh yeah? How did that go?

Insurance Agent: She yelled at me. She said I had no right to be calling her. I tried to explain that I had to contact her about issues in regards to her children. Otherwise, she could sue us.

V: I told you it would probably be best if we just left her out of this altogether. Just send us her half of the bill and we’ll take care of it.

Insurance Agent: I know. I just can’t believe she acted that way. I tried to explain to her that she legally holds some responsibility towards the situation being that she has primary custody of the child. I mean, it’s the law. I didn’t write the law, I just follow it.

V: It’s a waste of time trying to explain things like ‘laws’ to that woman. You’d be better off trying to explain physics to a 2 year old.

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