The Merits of Being Mean

October 31st, 2006.

A lot of people have made the argument that the point I was trying to make could have been made more nicely. Instead of blatantly making fun of the genre, I could have just written up a polite and cordial little essay and sent the concerned parties in question the link. I think said argument is utter bullshit. For one thing, I’m not a nice person and I intend to stay true to that voice. Moreover, people possessing the ability to say what I said with tact and kindness have done so before….and it was poo-poo’d and yeah-yeah-yeah’d into oblivion. The ideas presented were barely given a second thought and I loathe the idea of again engaging in pointless preaching. Besides, human nature dictates that individuals do not respond to preaching. However, sometimes they do respond to being shown the consequences of their actions.

Besides, anger in small doses is good for the soul. It keeps the mind active. Amalah herself described how she agonized over what was done all weekend, unable to sleep because she lacked the ability to stop ‘rehashing everything’ in her mind. Would she have thought twice about the situation if it was just a concerned warning? Would anyone have? No, the entire ordeal pissed her off and that’s why she couldn’t stop thinking about it. True, in the end, she stuck her fingers in her ears and hummed really loudly to herself, “I believe in unicorns! And rainbows! And a world where no one is mean, ever! So I am not going to let a big bad meanie bully me away from doing something I love! I will continue to exploit my child and sell his privacy for money because that’s what I love and besides, I have car repairs to pay for! La! La! La!”

Well, you can’t win them all.

Actually, it was never really my intent to change the world or the Internet or whatever. I don’t have that high opinion of myself. It has been said that the issue needed to be brought to light, but no one wanted to be the bitch that brought up. Fortunately for the people who had similar thoughts bouncing around in their heads, I relish the idea of being the bitch that brings things up with no other intent but to inspire some thought provoking discussion. I was successful in this regard. Furthermore, I have read a small handful of blogs where the author has claimed to see things from a whole new perspective and as a result, took down the pictures of her kids. That right there was far more than I had ever hoped to accomplish. I like to set my sights low.

In the end, if you are the type who is emotionally invested in this overly PC care bear world that is rooted in celebrity worship and mindless consumerism, then I strongly suggest that you quit reading now. You’re not going to like it here.

If however, you long for a society where harsh opinions are effectively brought to light regardless of losing potential admiration and sometimes in the form of a particularly vicious cyber kick to the teeth, then keep reading. I’ll be that bitch for you and I’ll try not to disappoint.

In a world as passive and egocentric as ours, it will be next to impossible to win them all.

But, I’ll take one or two.

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