Animals Aren’t Replaceable Accessories

October 29th, 2007.

Friend:  I’m sorry. I know it’s horrible when your pet is sick and you don’t know what to do to make her feel better.

V:  What is really driving me crazy is all the people who are like, “So what? It’s just a dog. You can always get another dog.” I swear, if one more person says that to me, I’m going to claw their freaking eyes out. They don’t understand how much time and energy I’ve put into guiding her and watching her grow. In that time, you do develop an emotional investment in your dog. A bond. She’s a living creature, not some replaceable accessory!

Friend:  I know! Not only that, but I bet if you had just miscarried a 6 week old fetus that you never got to see or hold, people would be falling all over themselves to pat you on the shoulder.

V:  No shit! Hell, if I dinged the bumber on my car or cracked the screen on my big screen television, I bet I’d get a goddamn sympathy card.

Friend:  She’ll get better.

V:  I hate this fucking country.

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