Spiffy New Layout

November 27th, 2007.

As you can see, I’ve got a spiffy new layout. I know what you’re all thinking:

“It’s still ugly.”

But, to be honest, ugly is kind of the point. In real life, I often sacrifice style for usability and efficiency, so I don’t see why I should treat the Internet any different. The way I see it is I can either have a website that looks incredibly artistic and chic or I can have a website that is easy to read and navigate. Since I’m not talented enough to do both, I chose the latter. I hope you all find it tolerable anyway.

Quick story about that logo:

The only reason I made a logo was because my site is almost completely devoid of images and some people find that disconcerting. My original vision for a logo included a picture of Lizzie Borden’s axe coupled with a picture of a mommyblogger’s kid smoking two giant shit cigars. It was a chaotic mess, but I wanted to, you know, capture the true essence of my site. Poop and blood would have summed everything up nice and neat-like.

However, my husband threw a little hissy and eventually dumbed the logo down until it was basically plain, white type. Apparently, anything that isn’t just plain, white type will burn his retinas and make his balls crawl up his asshole in horror.

So, so much for creativity. It’s overrated anyway.

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