Manners and More SIDS


3 year old girl from this article: Tie my shoe!

V: I would never help a little girl who spoke to me so rudely.

3 year old girl: May you please tie my shoe?


I know some of you failed to see the humor in my joke about SIDS yesterday, so if you’d like me to get serious, allow me to get serious for a minute.

SIDS is a load of bunk. Children just don’t ‘magically die’ sometimes when they’re home alone with poor postpartum Mommy. Doctors and police officers alike have historically given killer Mommies a pass with this SIDS crap because no one wants to look a crying, hysterical Mother in the eye and ask her why her baby’s mouth is all bruised.

Don’t believe me?

I suggest you do a few google searches before you get self righteous.


SIDS infanticide

SIDS child abuse

Marybeth Tinning

You can actually research pretty deeply into this field, but a lot of the medical reports, police reports, and scientific evidence tends to be pretty dry as far as reading goes. However, if you’d like to check out a book where this subject is delved into pretty thoroughly, yet is easy to read, I suggest taking a look at this one.

So, yeah. If you’re a Father whose child died of SIDS, I strongly suggest you quit blaming some ‘inexplicable illness’ and instead look at Mommy and the pillow she’s clutching in her hands.

Are you interested in looking up a fun fact? Go ahead and track down the amount of babies who died of SIDS when they were left alone with their Father. You’re going to shit your pants when you see that number. (Hint: Shockingly low)

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