Tax Breaks and Other Questions


First of all, I know there are crazy typos in that last post. I just can’t edit it without fucking up the video for some reason. Don’t ask me. I’m no youtube God.

Second of all, for those of you who are worried about not getting a tax break for your donation to my Charity Challenge, feel free to make your check or money order or whatever the hell you want to send to me out to West Valley Crisis Center directly. In fact, I’d actually prefer you make the checks out to them so I don’t have to diddle around at the bank cashing them and whatnot. I probably should have told you all that from the very beginning, but I’m retarded and I didn’t think of it. Also, I’ve been busy with other things.

If you’re donating via paypal and you still want a tax break…er…I don’t really know what to tell you. Sucks to be you, I guess.

Also, for the people who are worried that I’m going to cheat the system and pocket all the money rather than turn it over to charity, I have the perfect solution for you. Don’t participate in my Charity Challenge. Instead, visit the West Valley Crisis Center and donate to them directly. It’s no skin off of my nose if you donate to them directly; I just can’t keep track of it that way so it won’t count towards my Charity Challenge. However, the kids get the money either way and that’s all I care about. In fact, it’s actually in my best interest if you don’t participate in my Charity Challenge. After all, if we don’t meet my goal, I don’t have to post my picture. So if you would rather leave me out of your altruistic endeavors altogether, please, be my fucking guest. I could use the favor.

And lastly, I’d like to thank those of you who are really digging deep for these kids. Some of ya’ll are only donating a buck (Or less!) and, to me, that’s indicative of the fact you’re only in it for the picture and not the kids. I’m not going to bitch too much, because you’re still sacrificing the cost of a cheap cup of coffee for these kids (oooooo, go you!), but eh. You’re still kind of lame.

But there are also those of you who are making donations that you could have spent on Ipods or cell phones or expensive sneakers or tons of other meaningless shit that ultimately won’t make you happy. You guys are…fucking awesome.

My only hope is that when we finally turn this money over to West Valley and get word on how it was spent, that you actually do gain some happiness from spending money for a change. Unlike the electric mixer in your cabinet that could theoretically chop up a goddamn brick, I hope that you consider this money well spent.

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