Ryan Holiday Edits Tucker Max’s Wiki Page in Order to Flatter Him, Gets Busted

September 25th, 2008.

The Gods of Funny have once again smiled on me.

Does anyone remember Ryan Holiday? He was that whining, crying, puling puddle of loser I made fun of last year? Tucker Max’s ‘personal assistant?’  I know, I know, I almost forgot all about him myself. However, a clever reader of mine periodically keeps tabs on the whole Rudius crew and thank goodness for that because without him, I would have missed out on some big time funny shit.

Apparently, Ryan Holiday got busted on Wikipedia for inventing a bunch of fake screen names in order to frantically edit Tucker Max’s wiki page, presumably in order to keep people from finding out that Mr. Max is a blatant fucking liar. Rumor has it that he’s been doing this for years. Since Ryan Holiday works for Tucker Max, this behavior obviously presents a bit of a conflict of interest on wikipedia (who tries its best to remain impartial), so it is against the Wiki terms of service. Another wiki editor type dude is demanding Ryan Holiday’s dishonest and (let’s be honest here) utterly ridiculous wiki antics be investigated. Once found out, Ryan ‘crybaby’ Holiday lives up to my insults by claiming that the entire investigation makes him feel ‘uncomfortable’ and begs that all references to the scandal be deleted. Read the about the entire saga yourself here and here.

There are a lot of funny things happening here, so I apologize if my discussion is kind of all over the place. I’m like a fat kid in a candy store right now.

First of all, SERIOUSLY? Mr. Tucker Max, so-called serious business owner, thinks paying a full time employee to edit his wiki page is a good investment of company resources? (I mean, you almost have to assume that Tucker put Ryan up to it. In what realm of loserdom does one have to belong to in order to spend their off time doing stupid shit like editing the boss’s wiki page? ) No wonder Tucker Max can’t afford to pay his writers!

Speaking of editing the boss’s wiki as a profession, I’m just curious…was that a promotion for Ryan Holiday? Or did he have to start out at the bottom and work his way up to to this oh so prestigious position? Also, how did Tucker initially word the job description? “Wanted: Someone to lie for me. I can’t be the only one making up bullshit here. Competitive pay. Uh, scratch that. Average pay. Er…Scratch that too. Other things; just not pay. Sucker.”

Oh God. Hilarity ensues indeed! But seriously, ignore all that for a minute. I want to draw your attention to a little quote that I found particularly amusing from our dear Ryan Holiday:

Regardless, I’d like to stress again that comments like this one that Theserialcomma left on my talk page make me very uncomfortable….It also really sucks to see an abusive editor and generally destructive person post my personal details and estalk me because he so hates someone I had some affiliation with…The whole thing makes me really queasy and uncomfortable so I will step away….If I could, this page violates WP:OUTING and WP:HUSH and it would be very much appreciated if it could be taken down or archived or something.

I know, I know. When I first read that tripe, I laughed too. After all, what kind of moron thinks that researching someone’s wiki editing history counts as e-stalking them and posting their ‘personal details?’ Ryan ‘superior human being’ Holiday, that’s who!

Then I thought to myself: awwww poor Ryan Holiday! Why is everyone always picking on him? Perhaps I should send him a fruit basket or something to help him get over the pain of having his ‘personal details’ posted on wiki.

Then I thought: WAIT JUST A GODDAMN MINUTE! Is this the SAME Ryan Holiday who, after being called out by me for being a self obsessed sissy boy, decided to retaliate by working with all 7 of his readers to recklessly post the real name, address,  and motherfucking driving record of someone he doesn’t even know on his website? Because that couldn’t be considered e-stalking, could it? Could this be the same Ryan Holiday who suddenly feels ‘queasy’ when his own ‘personal details’ were shared online…even if those details aren’t 1/5th as ‘personal’ as the details he was more than comfortable posting about someone else?


(Post from Boo Hoo Holiday hysterically insisting that I only wrote this to drive 27 new hits to my site in 5…4….3….)

EDIT: To the people who have been trying to post Ryan Holiday’s contact information in the comments, stop. Stop now. I won’t allow it and the only thing you’re doing is making a case for me to close comments again which I’m fucking ITCHING to do anyway. Stop acting like fucking animals, por favor.

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83 Responses to Ryan Holiday Edits Tucker Max’s Wiki Page in Order to Flatter Him, Gets Busted

  1. VA: Ryan Holiday Edits Tucker Max’s Wiki Page in Order to Flatter Him, Gets Busted

    […] Original post: Ryan Holiday Edits Tucker Max’s Wiki Page in Order to Flatter Him, Gets Busted […]

  2. Emily

    Wow . . . now I’m almost starting to feel bad for him because that’s just so very pathetic. Not just BEING the asshole but having your job be to edit the asshole’s Wikipedia page?

  3. Elizabeth Miller

    Absolutely hilarious. Can’t say anymore. Too busy laughing.

  4. jyge

    hey ryan holiday, i hope you die of aids, you fucking loser scumbag. you’ve got a princeton attitude with UC Riverside dropout credentials. i hope you fall into a puddle of hepatitis and get quarantined to the french alps, you mediocre human.

  5. Jay

    Oh what the fuck.

    What is it with you and Tucker Max?

    In the past few months, we’ve gotten blog posts from bcwoods and IamRob, both former writers for Tucker who had a falling out with him. This, coming after your spat with Ryan Holiday whenever-the-fuck-it-was last year, and your several blog posts on Tucker.

    What exactly did Tucker do to you? I just don’t get the hatred of him. I understand, you think he’s a shitty blogger. Holy shit – not like there are any other shitty bloggers on the whole fucking internet! Come, minions, join me in my righteous jihad!

    RYAN HOLIDAY SUCKS. WE GET THIS. He’s a crybaby and he’s a boring writer. He came off looking bad after his fight with you last year (well, you both came off looking bad, but he came off looking worse). So he sucks. Is that reason to write another (wholly uninteresting, or so I thought) blog post about him?

    There’s nothing wrong with this post in and of itself. It makes sense that you’d want to expose a guy like this, especially after he tried to spread shit about you all around the internet. But this, coupled with all the other anti-Tucker stuff littering this blog, makes me think something is up.

  6. duh

    I did a blog search for tucker on this site and it looks like has only written about him once and mentioned him vaguely only three times…who she again wrote about ONCE.Considering that this blog is a couple of years old and has A LOT of content, that hardly counts as “littering” the blog. In fact, v has only written about rh three times, so technically she is more interested in rh than tucker. Although I STILL wouldn’t consider that a lot but ymmv.as for bc and rob posting here, what does that have to do with anything? They didn’t write about rc OR tucker. I am guessing she had them post here bc she likes them. Not come on, only tucker thinks tHat everything v says is about him even when that is obviously wrong.

  7. Teddy


    Aw man Ryan Holiday is SUCH a douchebag. This just makes everything worthwhile. I love it. The more you dig into Tucker the funnier he becomes, which I never thought was possible.

  8. Amy

    IamRob was a moderator on his board. Not a writer.

    I guess what I’m saying is that the difference is IamRob didn’t expect to get paid. Which makes him an idiot.

  9. Tessio

    LOL! Ryan is still a douche? Who knew?

  10. RyanHoliday


  11. Myroid

    I wonder how long it’ll be before he’s at it again.

  12. Heaven's Thunder Hammer

    I guess this is funny… not? I don’t care much one way or the other way about this interblog war.

    V, please pick on mommy bloggers again, that is far more entertaining.

  13. OMG-V-ILoveyoumarry me!

    I rather enjoyed the whole “Girl Who” fiasco, that’s how I came to love you V!

    This, is a bit boring…

  14. RyanHoliday



  15. The Offended Blogger

    So what you’re saying is, all this time that I’ve been outsourcing my blogging to Haji in India for pennies a day I could have had him making up bullshit about me on my very own Wiki page, too??

    Oh, I am all over that.

  16. The Offended Blogger

    Then again, with the economy the way it is, I might just have to smuggle a Mexican up here to Idaho and keep him enslaved in my bunker. He can make me tacos in between fixing my Wiki.

  17. Tilly

    Ryan is so silly. Poor wittuh felluh!

  18. Mike

    Ryan Holiday needs to get raped. I mean a really good raping, the kind that just scars people for such a long time that they don’t talk to anyone and cut themselves on their thighs.

    I’m not saying rape is funny, I’m simply saying that out of everybody in the world, Ryan Holiday is one of those people who deserve to get raped.

  19. jeje

    Ryan Holiday should just butt fuck Chris Crocker already.

  20. PIC X

    Yeah, but V has comments now. Who suggested THAT hmmmmmm.

    Ryan Holiday 1, Anonymous Wench 0.

    Looks like he really DOES have Robert Greene on speed dial.

  21. Scott J.

    *Sends V a Christ mascard because she amuses him so*

    Seriously, the only person that’s a bigger twat-nozzle than Ryan is Max…

  22. RyanHoliday

    @PIC X


    We’re in the club doing the same old two step
    Gorilla Unit cuz they say we bugged out
    Cuz we don’t go nowhere without toast we thugged out!


  23. Anon

    I do like that he called you a loser while he spends his days editing the wikipedia page for some shock-jock writer.

  24. MzMoon

    i dont really understand what has been going on, im a fairly new reader but believe this ryan asshole (from what i’ve read) is pathetic- but im preachin to the choir here… what i wanted to say is that i love V. she is my hero- everything she says, does or writes about is great. i give her a lot of respect and have been searching for quite some time for an e-mail for her.. i never would have thought some silly little boy would actually post personal information about someone (and her birthdate as well- shame on you! have you no common courtesy, sense, or respect) i just wanted to say to keep on V i really enjoy your writing and i think you are great and if i ever met you… i would buy you a drink!! thank you for your insight and letting me know im not the only one who would cause a scene just to prove a point!! xoxo mZm00n

  25. Fredric

    Both Ryan and V are wrong as far as I can tell. (although I really can’t blame V for cackling with amusement.)
    While Ryan does have a right to privacy, editing a Wikipedia page and advertising your website which has you PERSONAL information plastered right on it, does open you up to be attacked directly.
    That doesn’t make it okay to attack him, even if he IS an idiot.
    And what difference does it make if people post V’s name on the intarwebs?
    Most of the people on here are too cowardly to do anything. And if they did. Just remember to STAB AND TWIST.

  26. Barry

    Frederic, the difference is that V’s identity was revealed as a result of a malicious, spiteful effort by an offended and embarrassed party. V didn’t ‘do’ anything to Ryan; she critiqued (vitriolically) his silly blog about how people who don’t drive fast are ‘contagiously mediocre’ and ‘evil’. She chooses to blog anonymously, and Ryan chose to violate that anonymity for no reason other than his personal offense.

    Ryan, on the other hand, willingly and knowingly subjected himself to the self-policing system of Wikipedia, then proceeded to (also willingly and knowingly) edit Wikipedia entries in clear violation of that service’s conflict of interest guidelines.

    Ryan did what he did disingenuously; V did what she did anonymously. There’s a huge difference.

  27. Elizabeth Miller

    Let not also forget that there is NO TANGIBLE PROOF posted to date that the person Ryan Holiday outed is, in fact, V. They just basically picked a person who kinda, sorta, maybe sounded like her and proceeded to drag her through the mud. Going as far, I might add, to driving up to the house (which ended up being vacant, but whatever) and taking pictures. When asked for proof, they basically said, “It’s her. Trust us.”

    What if they were wrong? They just harassed and hounded an innocent bystander. Why? Because Ryan can’t stand even minor criticism.

    Yet, here is Ryan crying because someone from wiki linked his website after he was caught playing ‘cover up’ on Tucker Max’s wiki page.

    When this all went down, I will be honest. I felt a little sorry for Ryan because he was very obviously out of his league when dealing with V. Say what you will about V, but you can’t deny she’s tough. Ryan Holiday comes across as an insecure little boy to me.

    But after reading that, my sympathy vanished. He really is just a disgusting human being.

  28. loyaltuckerfan

    Fuck you, “v” you fat ugly slob. We’re coming for you. Don’t you forget it. We know where you are, what your doing and how fucking wide your bitch ass ugly ass is. it’s only a mater of time, you dum whore.

  29. Bater

    Do you know who talking is for, loyaltuckerfan? People who don’t have the moxie to do anything other than talk, that’s who. If you had the ability, intelligence, or courage to actually do something, you’d have done it already. Go back to Tucker’s message board, jackass.

  30. Alessandra

    Yeah V., it’s easy to understand why you are considering closing the comments. I would too.

  31. RockHell

    awww, someone get ryan his wubby and a warm sippy cup of milk…its time for his nap

    seriously though, is this guy a fucking joke? i hate that he can easily post personal info on some poor chick but someone else prods him and he cries for his tucker.


  32. dickscheese

    listen bitch. we all want to see what you lok like. How am I susposed to jerk off to you if i dont know what you look like. Post your titties or shut down the website.

  33. Sam

    I was one of the “27” new hits to violentacres from Ryan Holiday’s page. Once I got here though I never went back. Ryan Holiday’s ego is bigger than he’s worth.

  34. Ziah

    Why close comments? Everything will just go back to http://www.violentacrestalk.com, which we all know you read anyway. You might as well leave them here.

    Also, posting Ryan Holiday’s personal info is stupid and pointless.

  35. Cathy

    V has three types of blogs:

    1. random annoying encounters, told under the umbrella of “and this is why ______ sucks” or “why _____ should never _______” etc etc
    2. random, hilarious, stupid shit she does.
    3. her past- family stories, plus anecdotes she’s gives based on her experiences (how to eliminate debt, discipline your kids, etc)
    4. these kinds. petty, back-to-back, utterly meaningless arguments claiming superiority and reasons why the other person sucks.

    LOVEEE numbers 1-3. they’re why i read this blog. but the 4’s blow. hard.

  36. Cathy

    and by three, i meant four. DAAA-YAAM, typos suck!

  37. PIC X

    @ RyanHoliday



  38. Max

    Cathy, you really are stupid.

  39. AJ

    Ha! What a hypocrite!

  40. Shaun Taylor

    V has spent so much time recently convincing everyone that she doesn’t care what they think that it is becoming apparent that she does. I liked this blog when it was about V’s life, childhood, experiences and random insightful stuff. This is the kind of drivel that I would expect out of myself, not V.

  41. XM

    “V has spent so much time recently convincing everyone that she doesn’t care what they think”

    She has? Can you point me to the place she has said this? People say this all the time, but I’ve never seen V say anything remotely resembling this.

    In fact, she has said the exact opposite. She makes it clear that she writes FOR her audience and says that bloggers who claim they are writing for themselves are ‘cliche’ and lying.

  42. Laura

    I hate the inclusion of comments on this blog.

    (The irony police strike again!)

  43. Joe

    V is the kind of bitch I would be proud to call mine. Pity she’s already married 😉 .

  44. Goldie

    I can find Ryan’s address, if that’s what it takes to have the comments closed.

  45. Nate

    What’s amusing is that more than a few of the people on Ryan BAWWliday’s site are saying “Oh, my son has a better car than her, she must be bullshitting” or “her house is only worth 80k, she must be bullshitting”. What, do they think that just because someone has a metric fuckton of cash that they have to spend it in ways that make it obvious to the world how much money you have? And that’s all they can come up with? Wow, talk about fanboyism gone mad.

    Haven’t you said something about that before, V? It is quite amusing to sit back and watch the ignorant masses make complete tits out of themselves. Nobody can do it to them quite as well as they do it to themselves.

  46. Nate

    @loyaltuckerfan – I’m a fan of tucker max’s writing also.

    However, unlike you, I am not a massive faggot. Take your “alpha male” facade bullshit and GTFO my internets, bitch.

  47. Dingo

    I’ve reconsidered my stance on V selling the blog, because if she sells it, the odds are better these e-pissing contests will go away. Yes V, we all know your e-peen is bigger than Ryan’s, you won the sausage fight a long time ago so get over it. The mommy bloggers were a lot more interesting than this Peter Pan Holiday bullshit.

  48. loyaltuckerfan

    @Nate – don’t worry, nate my man. those who are in the know what wer’e planning and i’ll will assure you they are behind us wholeheartedly. when we slit this bitches belly open for the world to see, the people on top have promised to buy a beer for us. so peace out, bro. the revolution is coming. see ya on the other side.

    oh and v, w’ere still coming for you, skank ho….sleep tight!

  49. christie

    V, please stop the commenting. I’m guessing that most of them have, at most, a tenth grade education. It’s really a bit of a drag.

  50. Jay

    OK, this has been bugging me for a while.

    To the several hundred people bitching about comments being enabled, the time to shut up is now. Comments have been enabled for a while, it’s pretty clear they’re not going away no matter how much you bitch. I agree, enabling them was stupid, but your posts are even more annoying to read than the “V I tottally agree with you OMG!!” ones.

  51. loyaldildofan

    “the revolution is coming. see ya on the other side. ”

    Coming after someone pointing and laughing at you on the intertubes constitutes a “revolution?” What a pathetic life you must lead. Oh, and congrats on not knowing basic grammar.

  52. loyaltuckerfan

    two words v blue hybrid. scared yet? yeah, i told you we knew where you were. youll be on your knees begging soon, bitch. oh and looks like your not so fat after all but who says thats a good thing? espeshially if im in the mood, whore face.

  53. PIC X

    Christie, if you have such a huge problems with comments, don’t read them. There’s no need to leave an inane comment bashing people who leave inane comments.

    If little old Youtube pushed past the scourge of people sometimes having to ignore little bits of text under what they came to find, I’m sure VA can persevere.

    But what do I know? I left school after eighth grade to help run my family’s alpaca farm. It was rough, but after I sheared those first 100 and made that scarf, I couldn’t help but think that I done good.

    I done good.

  54. loyaldildofan

    “speshially if im in the mood…”

    Dur, huked on foniks wurked fur u!

  55. Esther

    PIC X, you’re hilarious and my comment-hero. Theres a whole slew of people who obv. didn’t finish 5th grade, and then a few beacons of hope for the English language, and you’re one of them.

    On topic: when it comes to the wiki stuff, I’ll just take your word for it, V. I don’t ever edit on wiki, instead using it for bullshit term papers that I somehow get A’s on, so all of those logs are a little… daunting, haha. And despite having read most of the articles on this site in the last year that I’ve been visiting, I somehow missed Holiday trying to out you with random peoples information. :< How sad and pathetic. But honestly, from the few things I’ve kinda skimmed on his website in the last 15-20 minutes, he’s always been hopelessly pathetic. Is anyone really surprised that he’s lowered himself to Grand Wiki Asswiper?

  56. Esther

    And don’t mind the horrific grammar, I’m in the middle of a graphic design class and I’m writing this stuff in between drawing thumbnails.

  57. LG

    so you’re upset, “v”, that he posted your information online? it’s public record, after all; what’s the problem?

  58. duh

    i’m guessing if v was all that upset about it, she wouldn’t have linked to it 3 times. “ryan”

  59. LG

    “duh,” it’s called diversion. she did it when he figured out who she really was, back when she changed up her “about” page and her real business page name to her maiden name. now she’s deleting my comments and trying the diversion tactic here again in this post.

    you folks believe WHATEVER YOU WANT. she’s really scared. really.

  60. LG

    p.s. TRUST ME, “duh,” i am NOT ryan. you can ask “v” (she’s blocking me from posting her name); she’s checking my ip regularly.

  61. LG

    (my comments are being “moderated.” please, v, stop your diversion tactics. you are fooling NO ONE.)

  62. duh

    lg, you are boring and no one cares. if v doesn’t want you posting her name, that is her right.you can just follow the link anyway. as i pointed out before, she’s linked to it 3 times already. but, as i said before, no one cares what her names is and no one ever has. besides, don’t you have work to do editing tucker’s wiki page?

  63. Hoodmonkey

    Ryan Holiday is a douche-bag, so I gave him a fake name last year to mess with his head. The joke lost its humor a few months ago and I let it go. Whoever actually writes this blog is probably living somewhere in California or New York, and not some random boon-dock state in the middle of nowhere.

    And if this Tucker fan is planning on killing some random woman, perhaps it should his mother for raising such a stupid child.

  64. John

    Wait, so you’re saying you’re the one who gave Ryan Holiday the name and you just made it up? I’m confused.

  65. OttawaMike


    Seen better rants in here…

    V, Pick on someone worthy next ok ?
    This guy, not in your league…

  66. Ryan Holiday

    That is it mother fuckers. I’m off to go read.

  67. Dexter

    “Shaun Taylor on September 27th, 2008 at 12:00 pm
    V has spent so much time recently convincing everyone that she doesn’t care what they think that it is becoming apparent that she does…”

    V: “Will the Real V Please Stand Up?….. (To the handful of you with common sense who left thoughtful comments, thank you. Thank you from the very bottom of my cold, black heart. If not for you, I would have thrown myself in front of a goddamn bus.)”

    It’s more than becoming apparent, she does care.

  68. thewineshrine

    1) Name a company that buys blogs. Unless this blog is written by a pseudo-celebrity, like Kathy Griffin.

    2) I would think about closing comments. It diminishes the secretive tone and excitement that ensues.

    “There’s a fine line between being a skeptic and being a dumbass.”

  69. Ziah

    It looks like he won’t be acknowledging this post after all. Good for him.

  70. Mainframeguy

    HMMMmmm I have no idea who Ryan Holiday is, and I’m feeling quite content about that. Some blogs I pick up and just leave the links there to sit… feeding the trolls would not be the right phrase… But sometimes links should be left lying…

    I’m not surprised mind; Wikipedia lends itself to such shenanigans, but a sad commentary on the infantile nature of many *sighs*

  71. Sweet Herald

    Karma is a bitch, ain’t it?

  72. Sergey Petrov

    we paid $150 (Sep. 18, 2008) to advertise on ViolentAcres.com but our 125×125 banner has not been published since that time 🙁

  73. al

    having wandered here from wikipedia via the link on Holiday’s checkuser case, i’ve gotta say, does anyone think this guy defending him, McJeff, is Tucker Max? they both seem to have the same prose style and intellectual aptitude. or are all assholes just like that?

  74. enjoli

    I have nothing to add – I cackled heartily at the poor foolish boys double standards, but I just wanted to say thanks to V for having such a great blog – I’ve really enjoyed it over the last year or so since I found it. So cheers.

  75. M

    I thought it was widely know that ‘McJeff’ is a poster on Tucker Max’s message board.

  76. mcj

    So far Tucker’s supporters on Wikipedia are his lawyer: banned for conflict of interest editing. tucker’s personal assistant, ryan holiday: banned for conflict of interest editing, and being an idiot. and mcjeff: ITT tech student (really, check his user page), West Virginian, and mostly edits articles about professional wrestling and the Legend of Zelda video game. Geez. Tucker’s buddies are all seriously mongoloids

  77. C

    Christ. I don’t know whether V is or isn’t this person who the ryan holiday crowd claim to have found, and obviously only V knows for sure, but if she’s not, it might be a courtesy to call her up or something and warn her that a bunch of limpdicks are going to key her car or something. While I doubt the testicular fortitude of people who make threats on the intertubes, this woman might want to know that there are crazies going around taking pictures of her house or whatever.

    That said: Ha. Ha. Ha. Having a checkuser done on you and your sock puppets is basically a big flag that you’re not smart enough to cover your tracks. I liked a few Tucker Max stories a few years ago, but, dude, shouldn’t he have moved on by now? Isn’t there some national lampoon movie about some guy who never gets out of school?

  78. Ryan Holiday

    You leave me no choice but to continue to politely ask you to stop making fun of me and continue to read!

  79. Tucker Max

    Get off this site, Ryan. You’re SUPPOSED to be creating new Wikipedia accounts, so you can edit my Wiki entry again.

    You better stop screwing around, or I won’t let you sleep on my couch anymore!

  80. JK

    Are Ryan Holiday and Tucker Max even real names? Sounds like disgruntled porn stars to me.

  81. Ben Martin

    Awesome… This whole Wiki mess only proves what seems obvious when reading articles or stories by Tucker Max or Ryan Holiday; they’re self-important morons who have absolutely nothing interesting to say. I’ve never actually read anything by Tucker Max or Ryan Holiday that made me think or taught me something new. Every single time, it’s about how big their genitals are. Always.
    I’m just glad I finally have a reason for calling Tucker a douche bag, other than the feeling i get when i have to listen to him because, for some odd reason, Maddox never gets interviewed alone on radio.

  82. Jen

    Tucker Max must be really uninteresting.

    I mean…I’ve been reading V’s blog while I’m bored and thought I read every entry (I get bored a lot). She makes me roll with laughter and reminds me of the side of me I usually try keeping under wraps for diplomacy’s sake.

    This entry is the first I heard of him. I “read” (skimmed) Wiki’s controversy thing or whatever it is. Them looking into some sort of nefarious Wiki’ing. I clicked Tucker’s page and looked at maybe three or four sentences on it before realizing this guy’s a moron.

    I hope Tucker realizes that when people stop thinking it’s so cool to sleep around – or he gets older and isn’t looking very good…Well…he’s kind of limited his employment prospects to being a male escort. Good job!! A real door opening kind of opportunity. Last I checked, potential employers aren’t necessarily all about giving you the benefit of the doubt. They’re pretty concerned with how your image will reflect on *their* image as a respectable business. Kinda hoping this guy never really wanted to be a professional anyway.

    Someone should’ve classified him mentally retarded a long time ago. Like, when he was a kid and someone could’ve taught him a little more about how a person operates in society. How their actions might reflect on their character.

  83. Exodus

    ….and I thought I could be egomaniacal.

    This dude is the single biggest egomaniac I have EVER seen in my life. Dayyyyuuuum.

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