God Save us From Sarah Palin

October 4th, 2008.

I’ve listened to the political pundits talk and I’ve watched the news casts. I’ve read your blogs and I’ve looked at your bar graphs. I watched the debates and I researched the issues. But I still haven’t heard a single reputable source state the obvious:

Sarah Palin is an evil, nasty, harpy, shrew-bitch.

Leave it to the Republicans to find someone even more distasteful than Hilary. I honestly didn’t think that was possible. However, at this point, I’d be happier if McCain’s running mate was a rock with a smiley face painted on it if it meant escaping putting what I strongly suspect to be an insidious alien in the White House. I’m not saying this to be glib, either. I really don’t think she’s human.

Like I said before, I watched the Palin/Biden debate. The only thing I was impressed with was the fact that Palin’s beauty pageant training was clearly coming into play. Every question she answered included many cutesy winks and sickly sweet compliments, but rarely did she actually say anything. She should have just answered every goddamn question with ‘World peace!’ and been done with it.

I don’t want Palin to help run the country. I want to her wear a bikini and twirl a baton previously lit on fire. Then I want to that baton to light her over styled hair ablaze. Fuck her. Fuck her with a rusty screwdriver.

Hilary and Palin. These are the best women our country has to offer? I’ve never wanted a dick so bad in my entire life. I’m ashamed to be a woman right now and all 8 of my female readers should be too.

Don’t get me wrong, but I’m not in the Obama/Biden camp either. However, until we as a people stand up to our government and demand our voices be heard, we are doomed to have Presidential elections where our ‘choice’ is either Garbage or More Garbage. To change the downward spiral of our country, we need to stand together and say, “Choosing between the lesser of two evils is no choice at all. We won’t settle for anything other than the best. As a country and as a people, we deserve as much.”

But we won’t do that. Instead, we’ll let the magazines turn Obama and McCain into quasi-celebrities and we’ll watch the whole horse in pony show in awe while our government laughs their asses off at us because we are so easily manipulated.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m scared.

So scared, in fact, I’m going to write a letter to God.

Dear God:

I don’t believe in you, but I will seriously reconsider my disbelief if you save the world from Sarah Palin. I’m not asking for much. Perhaps a heart attack or maybe you can drive her little retard demon kid insane enough to eat her fucking eyes out? Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of our very dire need.

Bless you,

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161 Responses to God Save us From Sarah Palin

  1. Serafina

    LMAO!!! V. you rock! And yes, Palin frightens the crap out of me too. *shiver* I know some have been saying “Well, she’s not the one running for the presidency!” Have these people seen McCain? The guy is one heartbeat away from a box in the ground! The entire system is fucked up. We need to reboot or something.

  2. Emily

    Not to mention the fact that if McCain were to be elected, it’s not that far-fetched that should would be president. By the end of a four-year term, he will have surpassed the average life expectancy for white men in America. And Palin as president? Oh dear God . . .

  3. Adri

    I can’t help but dislike Palin. Not just because I disagree with all of her stances on the issues but also her demeanor. She reminds me of the popular girl in high school who gets everything she wants with little to no effort. Having her in a position of power terrifies me.

    I want someone competent and intelligent in office. Someone I can mostly trust to not screw up more than our past administrations have already. And if that person happens to be a woman, well that’s great but I’m not voting someone in based on their sex.

  4. Rob

    u appear to have chick-hate for her since she is successful and popular and didn’t lose her hub to a skank (well, yet anyway). she is governess of the biggest baddest state we got, and at least that shows some leadership ability. obama ain’t run squat and he and biden are both attorneys and dc insiders to boot, but it makes people feel all warm to vote for a man of african descent. palin’s religiousness is kinda scary, but hopefully the constitution is strong enough to keep church and state apart.

  5. Joanna

    Sarah Palin makes me ashamed to have a vagina.

  6. Mike

    Hey, could be worse.

    I live in Canada, with a choice of more than two political parties. We too are having an election and our choices of party leaders are the following:

    Gibbering Retard
    Gibbering Tree Hugging Retard
    A Commie

    Come to think of it, we’re all screwed.

  7. Tara

    I think I am in love with you.

  8. Tachs

    I like how the only one standing up for Palin on here is too uneducated to even spell “you”. Yeah, if that’s what all her supporters type like? We’re doomed.

    Also, your letter to god….. I love you, V. You’re awesome. xD

  9. Theresa

    LMAO @ “Fuck her. Fuck her with a rusty screwdriver.” Priceless.

  10. Sassy Old Bitch

    I agree with Rob above, he said Sarah Palin is a ‘governess’ which, by definition, means “a woman employed to teach children in their own homes, and sometimes also to care for the children.” She is more qualified to babysit than to run anything, including a girl scout troop. It’s too bad that the position of Vice President of the US isn’t a person we vote into office as well.

  11. Cathy

    She can’t pronounce “nuclear.” Neither can Bush.

    ……..ding ding ding!!

  12. Jess

    The first election I’m able to vote in and neither of the candidates are appealing to me… figures.

  13. AJ

    Get used to disappointment Jess.

  14. Jay

    Now this, this was a good post.

  15. CFHistorian

    You rock, V! S.P. is a vicious harpy twat…if she and Insane win next month, I fear for the future.

  16. Myroid

    “she is governess of the biggest baddest state we got”

    This just in: Nobody cares about Alaska.

  17. Victoria

    a) Palin is a tool
    b) Alaska is far from the ‘biggest baddest state we got’

  18. Jenn


    I’m an ex-pat and you’d be amazed the number of people outside America who think that I will vote for her because she’s female and/or ‘hot’. It’s terrifying.

    I’d much prefer voting for you, V – you aren’t much less experienced than Palin and you’ve got more common sense than McCain, Palin, and all their advisors combined.

    Hmmmm…. Anyone else want to start a write-in campaign with me?

  19. Mercy


    If McCain/Palin wins, I’m moving to Finland. I mean it. Obama might not be the best choice, but he’s better than the alternative. At least Biden has a brain, not a hole filled with styling gel.

  20. Mercy


    …sorry, had to get that out.

  21. Aya

    Palin is psychotic. I hope to everything that she and McCain lose.

    Yes, I put her in front of McCain for a reason.

  22. mfcm

    Rob, I’m not sure there’s enough red on the internet to match your neck.

  23. aa

    V.if you pray to Obama, he might help you after pay you part of the 1.2 tillion he will inacted after he is elected it on his web site you all are blind if you think he not going rise taxes, or maybe he get the money from his friend in saudi you know the one who pay for his student loan who also gives money to Hamas and the PLO if you support terrorist VOTE for OBAMA

  24. lisa

    I like how she calls city folk sinful heathens. I mean, I like that she’s making so many enemies.

  25. aa

    Obama is runnig for president of the world not the USA he has campain all over europe this year and they want him too

  26. aa

    Victoria alaska is are biggest state you tool and produce most of our gas needs in this cournty but the demo;s dont want to us it but we can send it overseas to make money for them and theyre investment they feel the public or too stupid to figure it out you all would sleep with the devil to keep hardworking from making a living that is why i left the democraps

  27. aa

    palin has made changes, none of the others have done s*** for change biden has been in congress for 35 year if he hasn’t changed by now he isn;t going to, obama didn;t do anything for the people of Chicago but he has been on the job only 158 days you all want to make him CEO of america you all are fooled by the Hilter oh I mean OBAMA

  28. SS

    I once said to a friend in CA that at least at the end of Bush’s term the world will hate America less. With McCain and Palin (moreso Palin but it’s as tough race), the world will despise America even more than before. Choosing between lesser evils suck, but Obama appears to be the much lesser evil.

    The only times I wish I lived in America is for an election and then straight back out.

  29. RockHell

    im proud to be 1 of 8 of V’s female readers…in fact, I am so proud I would even admit to reading V to everyone I know, including my grandmother, if it meant Sara Palin was driven as far from the white house as humanly possible. WTF? Our two senators in my state are both strong, capable women, and they went to the farthest flung state to find a pretty girl?!

    I’m so ashamed by my country

  30. RockHell

    I’m so ashamed *of* my country

  31. Rosa

    You say “Sarah Palin is an evil, nasty, harpy, shrew-bitch”.
    It takes one to know one.

    I don’t usually associate with the jealous, vindictive, hateful,
    and truly evil. How I happened upon this website I don’t know.

    I do know a cessool when I see it, and smell it.

  32. VA: God Save us From Sarah Palin

    […] Original post: God Save us From Sarah Palin […]

  33. Lucy

    Speaking as one of those 8, yes, I am ashamed.


  34. Steph

    V, I disagree with you, but I still love you!

    I hardly think Sarah Palin is the incarnation of evil, but I can say that I, too, am surprised at the people, including S.P., we are given to choose from in this election. Early on I wasn’t impressed with either party’s candidates, and feel the choice is as you said: between the lesser of two evils. (I said evil… when I’d already said S.P. wasn’t evil. he he)

  35. Shawn

    I do not understand how people can be so filled with hate and negativity. How can anyone say the things that have been said about Sarah Palin in this article. I stumbled upon this site and cannot believe that people actually feel this way about anothe human being. Especially a human being that they don’t even know. It frightens me that you people will be voting at all. You obviously don’t have a shred of descency in you.

  36. Uriah Heap

    Sarah Palin is an evil, nasty, harpy, shrew-bitch.

    Exactly what we need to deal with terrorists and countries that support them.
    Put Ahmejinedad in room with her and he’ll come out whimpering for his mom!

    Of course, YOU could run for Pres, yes?

  37. Bonnie

    As another of the 8 I am ashamed too! Palin is an embarrassment to women! She is against everything that will benefit women! She was a cheap trick by McCain to get the female vote and what really scares me is that there are so many stupid women out there that will vote based on her gender and not on her stand on the issues! Voting for McBush and Palin is a third term for BUSH! She is against a womans right to choose because its murder, what does she think is going on in Iraq????? She is a complete idiot! She didn’t answer a single question in the debate she simply used her “key” words like mavrick and told Biden to stop looking back and start looking ahead yeah that would work for them that way no one would SEE WHAT THEYVE DONE OVER THE LAST 8 yrs!
    Its really easy to decide who to vote for, just ask yourself if you were better off 8 yrs ago than you are now and if the answer is no which Im SURE it it unless you own an oil company, vote for OBAMA! Don’t get me wrong he is isn’t all that either but he IS the lesser of two evils as sad as that is to say.
    I really miss being proud to be an American!

    And to the one who compared Obama to Hitler…. check your facts it was Bush’s grandfather that financed the railroads into the Nazi death camps!

  38. God

    Like I said… I’ll consider your request, but you ARE on my shit list too you lil’ c*&t.

  39. Fancy

    I totally agree with ya, you betcha! *wink*

  40. Chicken Girl

    @Rosa: “You say “Sarah Palin is an evil, nasty, harpy, shrew-bitch”.
    It takes one to know one.

    I don’t usually associate with the jealous, vindictive, hateful,
    and truly evil. How I happened upon this website I don’t know.

    I do know a cessool when I see it, and smell it.”

    You obviously haven’t read many of the posts on this site or you’d realize that V enthusiastically agrees with you on that point.

    Personally, I find vindictive, hateful, evil cesspools kind of refreshing. Makes me feel better about myself.

  41. Satan

    Good… GOOD!

  42. Magus Sebastian Anderson, High Priest.

    I think this song best sums it up:

    Let’s get out and vote!
    Let’s make our voices heard!
    We’ve been given the right to choose
    Between a douche and a turd
    It’s democracy in action,
    Put your freedom to the test,
    A big fat turd or a stupid douche,
    Which do you like best?
    -South Park

  43. Tommy

    I agree with everything you’ve said, for the most part.

    Betcha hear a “but…” coming right about now, doncha? Well, here it is…

    You say we shouldn’t settle for anything but the best. I agree… but the question is, WHO would be the best? And why aren’t they running? And how can we get them to run?

    Sadly, “best” would be relative and open to interpretation, and barely anyone can agree on who would be best.

  44. Ziah

    I’m not sure what I should be more disturbed by- the inarticulate jackasses coming along in support of Palin or the people saying that V should run for president. Seriously? An anonymous internet blogger about whom, we know next to nothing should try to run the country? I fucking hope you people are joking.

    I think V is considering closing the comments because it is embarrassing to have such plentiful examples of American stupidity so close to her own writing.

  45. Acksiom

    Is there a word for trolling your own blog?

    Or is this the sellout, er, I mean monetization, coming into effect?

  46. CheapTrick

    If for some ungodly reason McCain and Palin get elected, at least we’ll be treated to four more years of Tina Fey as Palin skits on SNL!

  47. mary

    You said a mouthful!

  48. jacki

    who would you rather be president?

  49. K

    We’ve got a choice between a socialist demagogue with a messiah complex and his half-witted good ol’ boy sidekick, and a bland morally ambiguous DC veteran and his wombariffic prom queen PR lackey. Could any of these four successfully manage a 7/11 without disastrous consequences?

    This marks the third election year wherein I desperately wish for a Victor Von Doom/Darth Vader ticket.

  50. Sean

    This post opened up really well, but the straight-outta-2000-and-2004 whining about being forced to pick between the lesser of two evils is weak. Especially after we just got done with the longest, most grueling nomination process over these past couple years. A nomination process that had candidacies ranging from far left, to far right, with a libertarian insurgent thrown in.

    Obama started out as a long shot — everyone was already coronating Hillary, and John Edwards had his left flank. But instead of bitching, his supporters went out and got off their asses.

    McCain was also sunk for awhile too — he was considered done, but his supporters also worked to give him a comeback. Were it not for their hard work in New Hampshire, it’d be Obama VS Huckabee or Romney right now.

    Unsatisfied people even then didn’t just throw up their hands and whine either if they didn’t like the primary crop. On the right, disaffected social conservatives weren’t going to just sit around disliking all their candidates. They went out and dragged Fred Thompson into the race, and when that was a dud, gave Huckabee a dark horse set of victories, and are partly responsible for McCain having to pick someone like Palin. Disagree with them all you want over who they think is a “good candidate,” but you have to at least respect these folks for going out and doing what you’re only talking about maybe considering doing in vague, distant terms.

    I don’t know if you’ve worked with any campaigns, or where you stand politically, but it sure sounds like for all the effort of research you’ve put into the current candidates, you didn’t bother with it early enough to try and avoid a “lesser of two evils” situation. Even if your guy doesn’t win, they can drag concessions or force platform changes on the person who does win. You think McCain wanted Palin? Hell no. He wanted Lieberman or Tom Ridge. But he knew he’d be sunk without picking a social conservative. For as much as you or I shudder over her, to a group of people, her pick was a “victory” and they’re happy.

    And they’ll always wind up being happier with their politicians than you will, until you’re willing to work harder than them.

    You are not entitled to have the perfect candidate float all the way to the top of our country’s government. No amount of whining will fix that. You have to get your hands dirty. You *deserve* only the candidates you’re willing to work for, from day one, or others work harder for.

    PS – Still love the site though.

  51. slag

    you fuckers. you are the reason this country is doomed. “she’s dumb and i’m smart”. “she’s psychotic and i’m the picture of mental health”. yes. you are all quite perfect. i’d vote for you worthless dogs in a heartbeat. go on, get on the campaign trail.

    i know nothing about this woman. or any of the candidates. neither do you. you know what you see on tv and read on the internet, and really, what does any of that tell you? that you’re smarter than she is? that she’s psychotic? that she doesnt read the newspaper, and possibly doesnt even know how to read? well, didnt you already know that just by looking at her? i mean, she’s from alaska, right? doesnt that tell you everything you need to know?

    you all make me sick. i want each and every one of you dead. the problem with this country cannot be solved by inept quasi celeb politicos, because the problem is you. yes, you. you fat, stupid, egomaniacal motherfuckers.

    i cant imagine ever wanting to vote for anyone from this country. look at the stock we pull these idiots from. look in the fucking mirror.

  52. Dan M

    Seriously? It’s like you retards revel in electing people as unqualified as you in some perverse attempt at protecting ego.

    Palin didn’t go to an Ivy league school, she didn’t even come close. She graduated from the University of Idaho after 6 years! With honors? Nope. Then she became a sportswoman on tv!

    To think that anyone as supremely unintelligent and unqualified could be a heartbeat from our nuclear (no Sarah, it’s not pronounced Nucular) arsenal is a scary, scary thought.

    But you’re voting for her why? Because she’s folksy? Because she reminds you of that hot mom in your neighborhood? Do your country a favor, when election day comes around just stay home and get drunk on nat light.

  53. The Texas Trucker

    Wow…I love this blog V.

    Well that was until I discovered that you and your readers were liberal idiots. God forbid Gov. Palin holds an obscure job “only a heartbeat away from” a figurehead position. Because we all know that Obama is CLEARLY more qualified for the job than any of the other three people involved here. Clearly.

  54. chompy

    Don’t hate on the Natty Light!

    I have to say, I was interested in Kucinich more than anyone and was really bummed when he bowed out. I’m sticking with my party and voting a straight Dem ticket, that’s how soured I am on anything Republican. Seriously, if I saw a puppy with McCain/Palin shirt on, I would kick it.

  55. Satan

    Y’all are playing right into my hands…

  56. Dan M

    @The Texas Trucker
    Yes, the VP is an obscure job and the Presidency is a figurehead position. That’s how George Bush and Dick Cheney managed to fuck up this country so royally in just 8 years. Worst economic crisis since the great depression? Check. Pointless war? Check. Constitution in shreds? Check. Gas prices more than double what they were 8 years ago? Check. George Bush’s friends and family even more obscenely rich as a result of him being in the oval office? You better fucking believe it.

    Stupid redneck pieces of shit like you are the reason we’re in this trouble. You can only blame George Bush for so long before it becomes clear that a significant number of people voted for the corrupt, stupid, unqualified asshole TWICE. And you know what? You people are worse than him. George Bush made a killing for himself, his family, and friends while he was in office. You can call him the worst president ever (and he is), but the man knew what he was doing. He ruined America for a cause. The people who voted him in? Your ignorance and blind nationalism are a thousand times worse than his greed because without them his greed wouldn’t have had the presidency as an outlet.

    You’re the reason America is in the shitter. You and everyone like you who disregards his civic duty for 5 second sound clips and American idol.

  57. Lettia

    I agree. Palin makes me ashamed to have a vagina. She is about as anti-women as a woman can be. Just hearing her talk makes me cringe. Sorry, but you don’t give a ‘shout-out’ during a vice-presidential debate…

  58. mcgrimus

    Palin makes me ashamed of wanting to have sex with people with vaginas.

  59. Heaven's Thunder Hammer

    V you’ve succumbed to Palin hate? Dang… Well it’s hard not to discuss ANY of the R/D candidates without succumbing to rabid backbiting. Both candidates are horribly flawed, wait, this reminds me of the 2000 election…!

  60. Psychomancer

    Well, it is clear from this post that you are just a little bit bothered by Sarah Palin. Could you tell us why? I read your post twice and you did not state any reasons. You did say that you researched the issues before arriving at this conclusion. Please, don’t just state your conclusion. Give us the basis for it.

    V is actually more conservative than she knows. V believes in personal responsibility and that success comes from creatively applying hard work. I don’t think V believes in depending on the government to solve her problems. Those who do are for the most part constantly disappointed.

    The problem is that it is now fashionable to hate your country. This demonstrates that you are not brain-washed by patriotism. That you are some-what sophiscated and above all the sheople. What is ironically amusing is that this line of thinking is the direct result of fad.

    Don’t bullshit me. You don’t like Sarah Palin because she offends your sense of style and taste. It has nothing to do with her stand on issues or philosophical inclinations.

    My only problem with Sarah, is that she might not be conservative enough. Why else would she partner with someone as liberal as McCain?

    -From the ravings of the Psychomancer

  61. Linteater

    Ugh, these comments remind me why I’ve been avoiding everything remotely having to do with politics on the internet.

    Just because I hate Sarah Palin does not mean I’m a liberal nutjob. Anyone who encourages hunting wolves from helicopters and then asking for their dismembered body parts in return for money is pretty damn psychotic.

    Also, advocating raising taxes is not the sign of a “bad president.” Letting the country go to shit because you’re too scared of popular opinion turning against you is the sign of a bad leader.

  62. Jenn

    “But we won’t do that. Instead, we’ll let the magazines turn Obama and McCain into quasi-celebrities and we’ll watch the whole horse in pony show in awe while our government laughs their asses off at us because we are so easily manipulated.”

    and stupid. Honestly, politicians think we’re stupid.

    Oh, how I agree. Thanks V.

  63. Liz A.

    I directed a friend of mine who is an extreme conservative, and found your opinions very amusing. It seems, everyone takes your writing too seriously. Do you think that’s why your readership is mostly male?

  64. nc

    To aa-

    Turn down Faux News and READ SOMETHING!

    A few facts might be refreshing to you. Try politifact.com or factcheck.org.

    You neocon rantings scare me as much as the thought of that empty-headed hockey mom in rock-throwing distance of the White House.

    Also, some basic spelling lessons are obviously in order too…

  65. Goldie

    I think most of us will agree that Sarah Palin is, indeed, a moron of epic proportions. No question there. I just had to ask this, though..
    “…we’ll let the magazines turn Obama and McCain into quasi-celebrities and we’ll watch the whole horse in pony show…”
    So who gets to be the horse and who gets to be the pony? Ah, who am I kidding, it sounds disturbing either way.

  66. OttawaMike

    Just wanted to add my 2 cents as well.
    It’s all a show and pony trip nowadays…

    But watching Mcain and Palin…..It can’t get any worse can it ?

    You guys are so screwed it’s not funny.
    See you in the tar pits when they join Godless Canada
    to the Brainless US of A.

    Do you still believe in Democracy now Virginia ?!

  67. Aaron


    “u appear to have chick-hate for her since she is successful and popular and didn’t lose her hub to a skank (well, yet anyway). she is governess of the biggest baddest state we got, and at least that shows some leadership ability. obama ain’t run squat and he and biden are both attorneys and dc insiders to boot, but it makes people feel all warm to vote for a man of african descent. palin’s religiousness is kinda scary, but hopefully the constitution is strong enough to keep church and state apart.”

    You’re pretty fucking stupid, huh?

  68. s'phonic

    It’s refreshing to see some of V’s readers leave insightful commentary, whether liberal or conservative. It has given me a lot to think about, so thank you all.

    I also read factcheck.org, and trust it… tentatively. It’s very hard to know who to trust when everything is awash in over-reactions and female emotions.

  69. BJ

    I believe Cartman said it best: We’re choosing between a douche and a terd sandwich.

  70. DonnaT65

    Sarah Palin scares the hell out of me. She thinks God is on our side in Iraq? Really? I didn’t think He played favorites. And how can one be PRO WAR but ANTI ABORTION? Murder is either wrong or it isn’t, pick a fucking side already.

    So, of all the reasons why I hate SP, the number 1 reason is that she is a sucky mom. She’s got a special needs baby who needs his mama right now, but she too busy shaking hands to even hold the poor kid. Plus, she drug her pregnant teenage daughter out into the international spotlight (just where every knocked up teen wants to be) knowing the press would turn her into America’s First Slut (ousting Jamie Lynn Spears from the #1 spot). Bad mommy. Cares way more about her career than her kids.

    Oh, and if I hear her say “Joe Six-Pack American” one more time, I will explode.

  71. Devilfish

    You know what? I’m sick and tired of Americans bitching about how much their politics suck.

    Not that they don’t suck, because goddamn they do and I fully acknowledge that fact, but I can’t open a browser these days without hearing some American whine about how cruel it is to make them chose between Bad and Worse. Either do something about it or quit bitching. If you can’t change it (and realistically speaking, you probably can’t), suck it up, get registered to vote and pick the lesser of two evils already instead of staying home and sulking like a spoiled brat who can’t have a shiny toy.

    Look, I know rotten systems don’t mend themselves overnight and no people’s revolution is forthcoming in the USA, but would you people please suck it up and vote? I don’t even care who for anymore. Either start a revolution or shut up already. You owe the rest of the world that much at least.

  72. Daniel Chapman

    So, it’s not ok to bitch, but it is ok to bitch about other people bitching?

    People talk. If there’s a lot of people talking about American politics, it’s because there’s a lot of people that want to talk about American politics.

    I agree with a few people here, McCain is a lot less conservative than people realize. I know that some people know how moderate he is, but he’s been forced to make some concessions to the people that got him the nomination of the Republican party. One of those is to get a much more conservative running mate. The fact that she happens to be a folksy woman just makes it that much simpler.

    And also the fact that she comes at a time where Obama offended a lot of his voters by not giving Hillary the respect that she deserved.

    Truth be told, I’m rather conservative, but I’d rather see Obama get elected. That way we can finally see the democrats band together to solve world hunger and create world peace while making every citizen of the US filthy rich. Or, after four years of trying, they’ll have to admit that even when there is nothing standing in their way, perhaps all the mistakes that were made by the Republicans when they controlled some of the branches of government were not just because they were evil and conniving, but perhaps because bad stuff happens in this world. When you’re not omniscient and not omnipotent, it’s hard to guarantee success.

  73. Dan M

    @Daniel Chapman

    The Democrats won’t be able to accomplish very much since we’ll be paying off this ridiculous $800 billion bailout for at least the next decade.

    Why did we need a bailout? Because of excessive deregulation and total lack of oversight. Whose fault is that? I’ll give you a hint, deregulation and lack of oversight isn’t liberal fiscal policy.

  74. Eunice

    Vote Nader/Gonzalez!

  75. Hilda

    Only 8 female readers? I don`t believe it.

  76. Mags

    America’s next president should be an arrogant motherfucker that does not believe in God, has lots of confidence, thinks logically, and doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks. That kind of president would do the job right, wouldn’t do what people think they want, but what he knows we need. That’s a quality neither Mccain nor Obama have. We need a powerful MAN that will get shit done!

  77. Psychomancer

    “The Democrats won’t be able to accomplish very much since we’ll be paying off this ridiculous $800 billion bailout for at least the next decade.

    Why did we need a bailout? Because of excessive deregulation and total lack of oversight. Whose fault is that? I’ll give you a hint, deregulation and lack of oversight isn’t liberal fiscal policy.”

    I reccomend that you research Barney Franks and Chris Dodd’s connection and defense of attempts to provide oversight of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Based upon their 2004 performance, I’d say they made one hell of an exception to the liberal policy.

    As far as accomplishing something, what have the Democrats accomplished while holding the congressional majority for the last two years? Just asking…

    -From the ravings of the Psychomancer

  78. Psychomancer

    “Mags on October 7th, 2008 at 9:00 am
    America’s next president should be an arrogant motherfucker that does not believe in God, has lots of confidence, thinks logically, and doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks. That kind of president would do the job right, wouldn’t do what people think they want, but what he knows we need. That’s a quality neither Mccain nor Obama have. We need a powerful MAN that will get shit done!”

    Mags is absolutely correct. Unfortunately we let the Iraqi’s hang Saddam Hussein. Damn! Where is Joe Stalin when you need him?!
    Oh I know! Hugo Chavez! Maybe he’ll do it! He hates America, and Hollywood loves him. Hugo is doing some great things with oil production in Venezuela.

    -From the Ravings of the Psychomancer

  79. Goldie

    Mags, we already have a president like that. He doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks, gives us not what we think we want, but what he knows we need, and for some reason it’s not working.

  80. Sitez » links for 2008-10-07

    […] God Save us From Sarah Palin – Violent Acres […]

  81. Lori

    YAY V! Very um, eloquently put. My Dad sends me so much McCain Palin crap that I had to beg him to never send it to me again. I told him he would be sorry if he did and I will totally send him your words- even the rusty screwdriver part that may cause his heart to quit beating. Keep up the good work!

  82. Rory

    If given the opportunity, Mrs. Palin will set feminism back fucking DECADES. More-so than any of the male canidates (INCLUDING MCCAIN). Yet women are supporting this mysogynist woman because she has a uterus and vagina.

    She believes women should pay for their own rape kits.

    She’s against abortion in ALL cases.

    Having Palin in a high office won’t break any glass ceilings for women as a gender because she will patch it right back up once she’s on the other side. She’s essentially a mysogynist male Republican with a vagina and uterus, and she makes me embarrassed to say I share a gender with her.

    Considering the plethora of VERIFIED information that indicates how ugly a person she is, I’m surprised people are asking V why she despises Palin. It’s simple: Palin is a horrible person on all levels. And sometimes it takes horrible people (like V, or myself, though I’m just a commenter at this horse and pony show) to have the balls to SAY IT, since every fucking nice person in the world has put on rose colored glasses and shoved fingers in their ear, screaming, “Lalalalalala, unicorns and fairy dust!”

    For a comparison that you sorry morons might understand: she’s very much Dick Cheney in a skirt

  83. PIC X

    Is it ok if I offer a restrained and somewhat balanced answer? What’s that? Rhetorical questions when nobody’s listening are stupid? Understood.

    Look, Palin isn’t the best choice. But the governor of Alaska has some of the broadest administrative responsibilities of any state. She’s at the very least shown an ability to navigate political networks, and one hopes with a team of full-time advisers, her knowledge of the issues could be at least passable before too long. She seems intelligent and tenacious enough to be vice-president. Here’s hoping she develops the rest of the package.

    “I’m not saying this to be glib, either.”


  84. PIC X

    Oh, and the rape kit thing is somewhat of a straw man. She (from what I’ve read) was saying that insurance companies should pay for them, not the women themselves.


  85. Rguy

    I’m confused. If any of the 8 purported female readers could explain this to me I would sure appreciate it. Feminists say a woman should be able to have a career, yet a woman with a career (and quite successful to this point) sets back feminism? You say she’s a shrew because she leaves her family to pursue her ambitions? Are you feminists saying she should remain barefoot and pregnant too? And she’s psycho because she paid a bounty on wolves? Wolves are vicious creatures that decimate wildlife populations, not cute little doggy things like you saw in all those Disney movies. It’s not the sewer stench permeating, I’m afraid it’s ignorance bested by hypocrisy.

  86. Goldie

    I’ll take this one, seeing as I’m one of the 8 women. Sarah Palin does not have a functioning brain as far as I can see. What she doesn’t know, to roughly quote Aldington, includes almost the entirety of human knowledge. Her views are 180 degrees opposed to mine. She is everything I’m not; I am everything she’s not; she stands for everything that scares the crap out of me. On top of it she is corrupt to the point that makes the Soviet leaders of my childhood look like charitable donators. I do not care if she is a man, a woman, or an alien from planet Marklar. This creature is not getting my vote and her gender has nothing to do with it.
    If you’re looking for a woman with a career who does not set back feminism, how ’bout Hillary. I’m not a huge fan, but she is definitely incredibly appealing compared to Sarah. Also, she has experience.

  87. Rory

    RGuy, it’s very simple. In order to be feminist, one must espouse feminist beliefs and advocate for equal rights for prettymuch everyone, though the focus tends to be on females. What that means, incidentally, is you cannot promote female rights at the cost of others’ civil rights (in spite of many popular misconceptions). Does Palin promote women’s rights? On the contrary, she has a track record of supporting a reduction in women’s rights.

    You do not have to be a feminist to be a successful female, as Palin proves. They CAN be mutually exclusive.

    What sickens me to the core is that because I dislike her for being so mysogynist, I’m painted as being a catty, jealous woman. I AM a catty, jealous woman, but not for this, and solely for reasons unrelated TO this.

    I also fail to see how her opinion that health insurance companies should pay for rape kits makes a difference. Not only is it not how it turned out, she was too short sighted to realize that what happened is a genuine possible repercussion. Do you charge murder victims for the cost of collecting the evidence to try and convict their murderer? Oh, wait, you can’t, they’re dead. Okay, do you charge murder victims families OR their insurance company for the cost of collecting evidence, doing the autopsy, etc., etc.? I honestly don’t know the answer to that question, as I’m not as up on the law as I’d like to be, but I sure as shit know what the answer SHOULD be, and that answer should be a resounding “No.”

  88. PIC X

    Again, I’m not defending her stance. I’m simply saying that if you’re going to bash the woman, ground it in her actual policies. Upon further reflection, the issue wasn’t so much that she advocating charging, but that she didn’t stop the police from doing so. Not a vast difference, but at least we’re grounded in reality a little more instead of inflammatory rhetoric.

    I think, actually, that insurance DOES pay for autopsies. I imagine that it should, in the long run.

    aahahaah palin is such a milf i’m gonna vote for the VPILF

  89. C

    Holy hell, some of these comment writers need to commit seppukku with a red pen. And I note the real doozies are in support of Palin. If I were a literate Palin supporter, I’d be running up with cogent arguments, trying desperately to take attention away from those. “Get off my side, you’re making us look bad!”

  90. cindy

    You are a huge, misinformed idiot.

  91. Sparkie

    LMFAO. xD
    This blog is hilarious. And so true.
    Wow. Sarah Palin is an embarrassment to women all over America.
    I never thought it was possible to see someone that retarded, but she just continues to surprise me with her stupidity.
    Tina Fey would make a better VP than her…

  92. Psychomancer

    Republicans are one of two things. Evil or stupid. Sometimes, they are both. If a black person joins the republican party it is because they have an evil wish to set the civil rights movement back. They are not truly black.
    If a woman is becomes a republican it is because she desires to re-establish the male dominated system of sexual oppression of women. She is a traitor to her sex and misogynic tool of the patriarch.
    When the republicans appoint women and minority ethnics to position of power, it is a ploy to fool you think that they are more concerned with ideas than identity politics.
    The republicans actually think that we can solve our own problems and fix our own mistakes. They actually think that government can’t solve all of our problems. Don’t you believe it. With the right kind of central planning, the government can solve all our problems. The power of the individual is nothing compared to the collective might of the government.

    Just remember, it is all Bush’s fault (he is evil and stupid). Dick Cheney helps Bush (he is smart but evil). Condoleeza Rice is no longer a woman or black. That stopped the moment she joined the evil Reagan cabal and subsequently the evil and stupid Bush gang. (Since she speaks 5 languages and has a Ph.D. she is not stupid but evil).

    Sarah Palin has come on to the national scene. Since she is republican she must be stupid or evil. The media is leaning toward stupid. But it is still early. She may turn out to be evil and stupid. I will have to wait for concensus from ABC, CNN and MSNBC to determine and report this.

    If you think that she is a smart intelligent successful woman, then you are stupid and possibly evil. By the way you are also not fashionable, cool or chic.

    Wild Tangent: My shoelace broke this morning. This is clearly Bush and his cronies fault. If they would get tough with China, then China would make better shoelaces for my shoes. Or if they would handle the economy better my shoelaces would be made in the USA and not out-sourced to a third world country.

    By the way those of you who are moderates, who say I am from neither party, I am neither conservative nor liberal, are merely positioning yourselves to be stupid and evil on some subjects and benevolent and enlightened on others. Abandon the dark side completely and join us. You are a victim and we can end your oppression by defeating the evil and stupid republicans.

    -From the Ravings of the Psychomancer

  93. Jay

    Psychomancer, you’re not funny, and you’re being selectively blind – ignoring the stupid things republicans do and say. Because of course, ONLY LIBERALS try to portray the opposing side in a negative light.

  94. Rguy

    Wow. Psychomancer is a true genius. I think I may now have seen the light!

  95. a

    [quote]Rosa on October 4th, 2008 at 7:16 pm
    I do know a cessool when I see it, and smell it.[/quote]
    I’m glad you know a cessool, Rosa. I doubt anyone else does.
    If you’re trying to sound intelligent on a site you “never go to,” please double-check your post.
    I have nothing against Alaska. I have much against Palin. She should not be the first female VP; It would be a travesty.

  96. Mike

    Wow. I just Stumbled your site, and I have to say it is awesome.

    I love your attitude, keep it up!

  97. Steph

    Amen, sister.


  98. Linteater

    “And she’s psycho because she paid a bounty on wolves? Wolves are vicious creatures that decimate wildlife populations, not cute little doggy things like you saw in all those Disney movies. It’s not the sewer stench permeating, I’m afraid it’s ignorance bested by hypocrisy.”

    I never called wolves cute little doggy things. They very recently returned from being an endangered species. People are vicious creatures that decimate wildlife populations, but nobody’s advocating serial killers. It the fact that she advocates aerial gunning that’s the disturbing part.

    And the stench of ignorance and hypocrisy is probably coming from Sarah Palin, who is so proud of her daughter for “choosing” not to abort her bastard child when she’s so unwilling to give other women the same choice.

  99. Lizzie

    Hey! I love your irreverance!

    Totally agree with this post…I was cringing when I heard Sarah give a shoutout to her third graders. Someone much funier than I, pointed out that she was shouting out to them because they were her speech writers:-)

    Also, just a little point, I don’t know if any of you guys here read Chicken liver’s “Poop on Peeps” website but beware commenting! Because if she has a problem with what you’ve said, she blocks all of your posts. Ahh, I love hypocrisy. Angry with bloggers for monitoring comments, but does the same thing (secretly)

  100. lynn

    It’s not so much that I disagree with her policies that makes me not want to vote for her and McCain but because the choice of VP reflects on McCain and he picked an idiot. Yes both she and Obama have not been at their posts long so we don’t have that much of a record on them but we can see from their time in office what they have done so far. While Obama hasn’t done much he’s not been forced by a court to reinstate someone he fired under suspicous circumstances, he’s not made the police’s job harder and made a terrifying situation much worse for victims by forcing them to pay for their rape kits, he hasn’t driven the town he was mayor of into a deficit. The whole Washingtion outsider thing is rediculous. She lives in Alaska, A-L-A-S-K-A, they have pay people to live there because no one wants to.

    Her ‘small town values’ do not line up with the rest of the U.S. most of which live in urban and suburban locale. Hardly anyone lives in small towns anymore and not living in one does not make you depraved. So part of the problem is we elect bad politicans, but we also buy into their bullshit and phrases. People don’t actually hate or like any of the canidates for what they might do, they hate and like because of perception because it’s easier than actually thinking about the issues and demanding that they speak to the voters as if they were adults.

  101. Reaganx

    I’m having a discussion with a friend of mine who thinks she’s a fiscal conservative –

    Despite this – http://reaganx.livejournal.com/155706.html
    and this – http://reaganx.livejournal.com/171696.html?mode=reply

    She’s a disgusting leftist prom queen who poses as a conservative. This shows how US political culture has degraded since Goldwater and Reagan.

  102. Ben Dover

    God save us from Obama. The country will be doomed if the Obamanation is allowed to be crowned. You think it’s bad now.

    Biden is an old wrinkly douchebag. Obama isn’t qualified to lick Bidens douchebag.
    Just google Stupid Biden Quotes. This guy is a complete moron. I’m suprised the fucktard last this long.

  103. Cathy

    Ben, the fact that you had to google “Stupid Biden Quotes,” instead of looking into his stances on political issues, means you aren’t very qualified to call someone a moron. At all.

    Unless that person is Sarah Palin.

    Overall, learn how to construct proper sentences, you know- with SUBSTANCE, and then maybe people will start listening to you.

  104. gWallet

    Would this post be considered Maverick?

    Sorry…just had to say it. 🙂

  105. The FaxNazi

    Okay, we got a Maverick and a Joe Six Pack in less than three posts.
    Everybody, DRINK!

  106. Jesus

    We’ll I like her, you DON’T have to but god damn there are some intolorant tards commenting on this post….

  107. By God! It’s the Saturday Roundup #6 « Confessions of a Dirt Warrior v3.0

    […] “Sarah Palin is an evil, nasty, harpy, shrew-bitch.” […]

  108. Casey

    She isn’t human. She’s from the planet Pa. She’s a Palian

  109. unemployed

    Osama Obama is qualified to be the next presidente because:

    Please list his qualifications here:

    I’m not holding my breath.

    That’s what I thought

  110. Nyxelestia

    You forgot something. Little quote from my own, baby blog:

    “You know what else? It’s not McCain I’m worried about. Because he’ll get into office, then Palin will kill him and get away with it. Then she’ll be in charge of the country, and we’ll all be fucked”

  111. contrariwise

    Your comment,
    “Hilary and Palin. These are the best women our country has to offer?”

    Is the one that struck true to home. I also offer this:

    McCain and Obama. These are the best that this country has to offer?

    There are so many sincere and competent individuals in this country. Can’t we bring these to the forefront.

  112. Katy

    I think the problem is that the sincere and competent individuals in this country are too smart to submit to the public skewering that is running for national office. Why on earth anyone would want to be the president is beyond me.

  113. Fee

    Everyone knows ugly chicks are smarter. Picking Palin for VP was based solely on her appearance.

  114. john

    here’s what i find the most amusing of all. the media told the sheep to love obama, and all the sheep did. the 24 hour news channels told the sheep to hate palin, and all the sheep did. when palin sneezes, the news reporting agencies tell us how horrible she was for it. and all the sheep agree. joe biden tells the world he wasn’t the best choice for vp, and not one person on this site mentioned or even remembered it.

    i have just one challenge for all of you. find out who owns the tv stations and newspapers and media outlets you listen to, then find out who owns them. that person has led you to vote for the person they want elected. now ask yourself this, do those people have your best interest at heart, or their own?

  115. Steve

    Thanks VA, you rock. I was turned on to your site last October and have laughed my ass off since. I love your love of life and attitude.


  116. Steve

    P.S. John from a few minutes ago.

    Fuck you. Think for yourself.

  117. john

    steve, i see i struck a nerve.

    i do think for myself. how else did you expect i know not to believe everything the idiot box tells me to…

  118. Goldie

    Dawggone it! So when I was watching the VP debates, I was not supposed to believe Sarah when she acted like a total idiot? Ah, John, say it ain’t so, darn media tricked me again!
    So far the Palin team on this thread has done a stellar job convincing people to vote for Obama. Sweet.

  119. Drew

    Hey V,

    I hate to tell you this, but it appears that someone on Reddit is masquerading as you. Well, I guess it COULD be you, but I don’t figure you to be the type of person to post hardbody/jailbait/shemale porno pictures:


    Go get ’em!

    -Longtime reader

    P.S. When I read the phrase “I’ve never wanted a dick so bad in my entire life,” I totally misinterpreted it at first.

  120. Mitchell

    I love this. Although, I have to admit, I don’t like her just because she is everything that is WRONG and BACKWARDS with this country. Good stuff, V. As always!

  121. john

    ok, goldie ask yourself this, and please, lets be honest here. did you think she was an idiot when you watched her, or were you convinced by the talking heads that said she was…

  122. Goldie

    What talking heads? There weren’t any during the debate. She did a very good job convincing me herself. For starters, she didn’t answer any of the questions.

  123. Jesskat

    We are all forgetting who the real best candidate is… RON PAUL! You know, we don’t have to vote between shithead A and shithead B.

  124. Myroid

    By voting for shithead C?

  125. Sarah

    you couldn’t be more right! Palin in the vp debate was ridiculous, I was watching it myself wondering if she’d ever actually answer the fucking question. our options to vote on this are by far not the best, but McCain just creeps me out. All he does is tell everyone why not to vote for Obama instead of saying why we should vote for him. I’m not thrilled about Obama but I’d rather have him so that if something were to happen to him we’d have at least a VP that has experience to take over. I personally thing the election will be rigged, and Mccain will win. A depression is inevitable at this point all we can do as Americans is prepare ourselves for this, and rise up when our congress starts to really rip away our rights.
    nice post! 🙂

  126. Sarah

    and yes, Jesskat RON PAUL ALL THE WAY! the only person that really stands up for our rights and wants to get rid of the ways we’re being fucked by our gov’t

  127. john


    now you guys are speaking my language!!

  128. Les

    The best was after tonight’s debate. On the news channel I was watching after the debate they had 6 undecided voters in a room and they asked them questions about what they thought about the debate. One question was : By a show of hands do you know anyone that wouldn’t vote for Sen. Obama because of his race?

    3 hands slowly raised up.

    Next question: By a show of hands how many of you know someone who wouldnt vote for Sen. McCain because of Sarah Palin?

    All six hands jumped up towards the sky.


  129. The FaxNazi

    Joe the Plumber Joe the Plumber Joe the Plumber.
    Spread the wealth around. Spread the wealth around. Spread the wealth around.


  130. The FaxNazi

    Oh, yea, I can see that McFailin supporters NEVER EVER say or do anything off color or irrational or violence inducing in their endeavors. Proof right there. Yup. All just good, sensible, rational republican common sense.

    And by the way, if Joe the Plumber is rich (McCaain said it, and congratulated him, twice in a row), he has ceased to be a plumber and has instead become a residential/commercial fluid exchange systems engineer and is no longer middle class, so why does Joe the Plumber all of a suddden have a problem with “spreading HIS wealth”?

  131. john

    dale, i am sorry you are voting in this election. i really hope an act of god prevents you from getting to the voting booth. maybe your pick up truck will break down, or your doublewide trailer will lose the roof. the kind of ignornace you bring is what really tears this country apart. there is no such thing as white power, or “our own kind”. you idiot, we all came from somewhere else.

    to all, anyone who votes solely on the color of a persons skin is no different from dale.

  132. Rose Royce

    Can you warn Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds someone has attached a keystroke virus to her comments section? If it follows her last theme writing, it’s her sisters ex trying to get her passwords.

  133. Jay

    On rereading it, this post isn’t as amazing as I thought it was. I agree with the message – but really, plenty of people are calling out Palin for being the harpy she is. Plenty of people hate her. It’s nothing revolutionary.

    And the letter to god just made me wince.

  134. Stew

    So you don’t like Palin. But you didn’t say anything about why you dislike her. I mean specifics.

  135. Diego

    Dale, dude, seriously, what the hell? Skin color has no influence whatsoever man.

  136. msj

    Sarah Palin is an evil, nasty, harpy, shrew-bitch.

    So are you but we like you anyways…

  137. HoodMonkey

    Dale’s comment was confusing, so I ran it through a “red-neck to English” translator:

    “I’m white. White people are the best because some of them are as stupid as I am, and I connect with that.”

    “This is the greatest country on Earth, because I was granted citizenship here by default.”

    “Barack is black, and his middle name scares me because 9/11. And you’re only considering voting for him because he’s running for office.”

    “My crystal ball tells me the stock market will crash, and I expect this to happen some time last month. Dad says this purge might be needed once a decade, and I agree for reasons I’ll never try to understand.”

    “I’ll mention gold and silver because I saw some dude talking about it on CNN and I take investment tips from late night infomercials.”

    “John McCain is ‘The Man’ because the images of him in uniform get me hard. He also got very rich by screwing people over, and this the guy I want to pretend is controlling my ‘taxes’, should I ever start receiving an income.”

  138. Ziah

    Dale, sweetie, ignorant and hateful people like you are ruining this country. Case in point- Niger is a country. Please read something that doesn’t come from people who are paid to control your thinking. Please?

  139. KiKi

    I LOVED this post. You are a brilliant writer!

  140. Dale

    why thank you i am a brilliant writer. haha, the funny thing is that i am actually canadian and i think like that. yes there is such a thing as white power. as of right now we dominate the world, so bow in the presence of greatness all you off coloured folks. if it weren’t for us white people you all would still be living in tribes. race has everything do with it. if black people call each other niger in regular speech, i will also. any off coloured person should stay to their own country and leave ours in peace. barack hussein obama should scare all of you becasue if he gets into office, his own VP pick joe biden said “if he gets in their will be an international crisis to test obama’s skills on running a country”. he also said before the primaries that he is not experienced enough to be president. SARAH PALIN HAS MORE EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE THEN ALL 3 OF THE OTHER CANDIDATES. any woman who doesnt vote for sarah palin shouldn’t ever complain again about womans rights. you woman have a chance to make history. barack hussein obama was only in government 300 days before announcing he was going to run for president. he has no experience and even worse he is black. so please dont ruin the world and vote an inexperienced black man for president that would create even more crisis then there already is. i cant believe americans would be this dumb to even think about voting for him. remember i am canadian and i hate any off coloured person who tries to run a white man’s country.

  141. Cathy

    dale, you said “so what i am saying is every other country has their kind running the country, so why cant we.”

    what kind is that? surely you can’t mean white people…..since they’re the ones who stole the land from the native americans. so what makes you say that white people are america’s “kind”? read a book, you fucking racist asshole.

    oh, and there’s this gem:

    “any woman who doesnt vote for sarah palin shouldn’t ever complain again about womans rights.”

    are you serious?!?!!? you’re nothing more than a sexist, ignorant pig if you think america’s intelligent women would vote for palin JUST BECAUSE SHE’S A WOMAN. so according to you, we should dismiss her lack of expertise, intelligence and humanity because, HEY! SHE HAS A VAGINA! i mean, really? i can’t even believe you went there. that’s the same logic john mccain used when he chose her as his running mate. i can see why you’re voting for him…. you clearly share a sad excuse for a brain.

    do us all a favor and stay home on election day.

  142. Lauxa

    Woah, haven’t been here in a while, you’ve got comments now? How cool is that?

    I was rooting for Obama because he’s charismatic and I couldn’t stomach the thought of watching prune-face for 4 years, but now I’m rooting for McCain because Tina Fey does such a great Sarah Palin impersonation and if she gets into the White House the comedic opportunities will be endless.

    Yeah, the candidates are both pretty awful. I was thinking there needs to be a movement to add a “NONE OF THE ABOVE” option to the ballot. If there were, I might even vote.

  143. retard

    fuck you and the horse u rode in on for dragging her down syndrome child into this

  144. Uriah Heap

    This post has been here awhile.

    Is Violent Acres on the payroll of the Osama campaign?

  145. Ziah

    Fine. I shall edit my comment.

    Dale, sweetie, ignorant and hateful people like you are making this world such a fucked up, ugly place.


    That’s nice. The things that everyone should keep in mind as they go on and on (and on and on) about experience is the fact that it is impossible to prepare for a position like president (or vice-president). Running an entire country is very different than anything else a person can do. A few years as mayor of a tiny town and governor of a state with a very low population wouldn’t prepare her for working in Washington. This election it is a matter of ideology. What does the candidate think should be done and on what is that person willing to compromise that should be deciding factors, not who has executive experience. That’s what advisers are for.

    “any woman who doesnt vote for sarah palin shouldn’t ever complain again about womans rights.”

    Do shut the fuck up. Women’s rights isn’t about putting someone with a vagina into positions of power just because of said vagina. Her views on women’s issues are counter to feminist ideals, pretty much across the board. It doesn’t do the continuing struggle for women any good to have this man in make-up (who also happens to have a vagina around there somewhere) in the white house. Putting this particular woman in the white house would do nothing but back up misogynist claims about why a woman is not qualified for positions of power.

    I don’t think I have met a single black person who would call anyone “niger”. You are an idiot. I see that Canada’s educational system has its issues as well.

    Speak for you own country, Dale, if they’ll have you. We Americans don’t need another moron shooting off at the mouth without engaging the brain first to speak for us.

  146. Su hermana

    “I see that Canada’s educational system has its issues as well.”

    Please don’t blame our educational system. Dale dropped out of high school.

  147. Carl

    Oh, I just love your post! I find it funny that for eight years the conservatives pretty much said and did whatever they wanted now, based on the comments on this blog a few are whining! They sure can complain about what comments we post but they don’t have a problem with what their candidates say or what their supporters say!

    I say, “…off with their heads!” 🙂 Sarah is just “..gettin’ while the gettin’ is good…” Not a clue in the world about how the government works and she obviously believes that by “cleaning up Washington” she actually means getting things done her way….

    WOW! How low the Grand Old Party has fallen…..

  148. Carl

    Dale, sunshine, let me give you a hint….

    Barack is only HALF BLACK…and since you see a Black man when he is only half black…then I guess since he is half white I can see a white man! 🙂

    Yeah, Sarah has lots of experience, George Bush had lots of business experience before he became President and since every company he ever ran declared bankruptcy he pretty much is doing the same thing as President.

    So, Sarah’s experience as mayor of a town of 6,000 in a state with a population of 670,000 will get us what? Well, we can be sure of a bunch of indoor hockey rinks, and loyalty tests for all government employees. I wonder where she is going to go for pork barrel money when she hits the White House?

    Now that her behavior is getting some real attention her approval ratings in Alaska are dropping fast!

    As a middle aged white guy the last thing I want to see in the white house is another old white guy….but then again it is easy to understand why a Canadian would want us to have a dumbass for President…it makes your Canadian Dollars worth more when you go south to go shopping!

  149. Sarah

    She must be an alien to think her recent stint on SNL would actually make people like me like her. It made hating her even more enjoyable 🙂

  150. Psychomancer

    My, my, isn’t Dale an amusing character. Or is it caricture…or ringer? He seems to to be far too close the left’s stereotype of the typical conservative. Therefore, I say CONSERVATIVE POWER! Since conservatism is a philosophy anyone and everyone are encouraged to embrace these principals.
    Here is my dream ticket:
    Ken Blackwell of Ohio for president, and Condoleeza Rice for VP. (Dale, I am afraid you will not know who to support in this case, as both are of African descent.) By the way niether of these will attempt to promote the interests of any specific group based on genetics or sex . They will promote the interests of the smallest minority, the individual.

    One last note, Niger is a river, Nigeria is a country. As for the use of the other vulgar word, I have yet to find an acceptable definition. As with most uncouth colloquialisms, the meaning seems to be whatever the speaker claims (usually to fulfill someones agenda). Senator Robert Byrd (D) made an interesting defence of this word that I whole-heartedly disagree with.

    Last, last note,
    Ziah has stated that Governor Palin’s views are counter to feminists ideals “pretty much across the board.” I was unaware of this. Please provide details. Which feminist ideal is she against? Modern Feminism has nothing to do with the promotion of women’s rights. Modern Feminism is all about promoting liberal ideas. To be conservative by this definition means to be against women’s rights.

    From the Ravings of the Psychomancer

  151. Goldie

    “Ziah has stated that Governor Palin’s views are counter to feminists ideals “pretty much across the board.” I was unaware of this. Please provide details. …”

    With pleasure.


    “Feminist activists have campaigned for women’s legal rights (rights of contract, property rights, voting rights); for women’s right to bodily integrity and autonomy, for abortion rights, and for reproductive rights (including access to contraception and quality prenatal care); for protection from domestic violence, sexual harassment and rape;[10][1] for workplace rights, including maternity leave and equal pay; and against other forms of discrimination.”

    abortion rights: check
    protection from rape: check
    reproductive rights: check

    And that’s just off the top of my head.

    Having a high paying gov’t job and wearing pricey suits does not a feminist make.

  152. OMG-V-ILoveyoumarry me!

    V, come back, the crazies are taking over!

  153. Les

    Psychomancer on October 23rd, 2008 at 3:51 pm: I must tell you something: Niger is a country….omg people are fucking stupid.

  154. Les

    Wow, is this site just completely unmaintained now? No culling of the spam?

  155. Stephanie

    NUCELAR is not a word….and Biden has trouble pronouncing Obama. That’s what I got out of the debates. I don’t like either one of them. Elephants and Jackasses are a waste of my time. I can’t vote in this election anyway. Why did I have to be born in 1991?!

  156. Sarah

    Jesus Christ. Now I know why you never used to allow comments on here. They’re just another reminder of the stupidity epidemic.

  157. Shaun Taylor

    Nice to see the new guy is keeping the spam down like V did…

    Also, the only problem I have with the new layout is that it wastes screen space in favor of silly doodles. The old layout took up my entire browser window and the text was nicely spread out. This new update squishes the text in the middle and makes the lines wrap many more times than they did before. This makes things harder to read for the purpose of being ‘cutesy’ at the top of the page. This is a mistake many many web developers make, but it is still annoying. Please focus on the text before the cutesy graphics, and don’t give me huge 3 inch borders on both sides of the actual site because you want archives on two sides and a little doodle.

  158. Anj

    Sadly, ‘the best’ will never be able to be voted for. Those worthy of being labelled ‘the best’ would never even consider going into politics. Who in their right mind would want to do that?

  159. sevenwoman

    The polls are opening on the east coast in a few hours and I fear we are all REALLY SCREWED.
    As a female reublican ALASKAN, I am appalled as well that Palin and Hillary were the best females that either party could come up with. I can tell everyone who will listen…Sarah Palin only had popularity as Alaska’s governor because her predecessor was the worst governor we ever had here. That, and she’s hot. Yippee. When you think about how badly we will all suffer if she ever gets to make real decisions (this is a woman who charged the State of Alaska PER DIEM for nights she spent at her home in Wasilla not paying attention while her teenage daughter was out getting knocked up…) I ALSO quake at the thought of how socialized medicine is going to cost this country everything, IF Barack can even get us that far…he might have all of the country’s money tied up in the fallout of pulling out of Iraq like he wants to. I feel like I have to go to the polls in 7 hours and 16 minutes and vote for the lesser evil…I’d rather have to choose between Nader and Paul any day. I hope that the next four years race by and we can make a wiser choice at that time…but V is right. Sarah Palin is evil. She is going to tank this country like she’s tanking Alaska…where, by the way, we pay more than a BUCK higher than the national average for gas, with TWO refineries right here in my town. LOVELY. (Thanks goes to Sarah…hope Todd and that high-school dropout son-in-law-to-be of hers make LOTS of money on the North Slope!) Oh..and please know that Sarah is NOT the least bit interested in protecting or advancing women unless they have special needs children, she didn’t do ANYTHING to get the gasline permitted (that was all on a federal level) and she still TOOK the bridge to “nowhere” money…she just spent it elswhere.

  160. Jennies

    V…I’m not expecting an answer, but wondering given that Obama is officially president-elect: Are you considering your prayer answered? Does this mean you’re considering believing in God?

    I’m genuinely curious 🙂

  161. On Behalf of God


    I have liked your blog for years now, and I have to tell you on behalf of God that Sarah Palin is no longer on the table.

    I realize that you have had a very rough life, and that normally people who have led rough, difficult lives tend not to believe in God.

    However, I must ask you on God’s behalf to reconsider.


    -A guy who likes your blog

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