A Letter to All First Time Black Voters and to Everyone Else Who Gives a Shit About The Irony of Equality:


Guest Writer: Dame B.

Hello and congratulations. Congratulations on being a part of the decision that made this nation move well and with style. Yeah, I’ll feed the stereotype, we do move well, better even than Bill with sax in hand.

Everyone asks us, “how does this feel?” It feels right, I say. The Presidential election is a hurricane of process and progress landing on our shores, the strongest gale of which was not ours, but the wooing gradient wind constant throughout belongs to us. See, we’ve been winning, waiting, fighting, waiting, losing, and waiting some more for this moment in history. But, this Hallmark card costs $4.25 and we need gas, gotta pay down some bills, and we can tell it better than any greeting card anyhow.

The Presidential election was a numbers game when we look at it through the electoral lens. The US was a bruised and bloodied map blotted with blue and red, the colors engaging in a perpetually palliative tug of rope. Blue won and so did black- it felt that equality and justice prevailed. And then we started hearing about California.

California is facing a brand new reckoning. In Cali, we responded to the promise of change in record numbers. We voted on equity for our President and even for our livestock. We elected a President who, like it or not, is the poster child for real progress on equality. We deemed the small living space of god damned bred hens and calves unjust, granting them more legroom. Yet, we told gays, our fellow fucking species, that they, strictly due to their sexual proclivities, could not get a “marriage” license. What?

Everyone can see the tug of war of white vs. black and weak vs. strong play out on the national and international stages. We can look to our victors and our victims as the same people: Martin Luther King, Jr., Rubin “Hurricane” Carter and John Artis, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, etc… As blacks across the US, we have been bullied and blessed by progress. We have been broken and built up by due process. We have been bartered and burdened by both and we will undoubtedly continue to be. And for that very reason, we need to champion the rights of others, just as others have done for us.

What are we waiting for? For gays to be enslaved? For gay citizens to be wrongly convicted of heinous crimes? For gay rights leaders to be persecuted and assassinated? We may be winning right now, but others are losing and our fucking voice is the most powerful tool we can give them now. They need us, understand?

Like I wrote before, congratulations on this decision for change. This change, though, will come and go. It will bite us, burn us, bathe us, and burp itself up eventually and when it does, we’ll need friends—preferably the passionate and fun loving kind that are fabulously skilled networkers, have connections to the media and entertainment industry, and have loads of excess cash to contribute to worthy “human” causes.

Over the next few weeks, we will be posting contributions from guest writers (yes, V will still write when she feels like it). You will have a say in which guest writers are invited to contribute on a regular basis. We will make our decisions based on the comments you email to: ViolentAcresBlog@gmail.com Comments on the blog will be disabled to discourage douche-baggery. So let us know what you think of Dame B. Should we invite her back?

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