I Shit You Not

December 8th, 2008.

I was supposed to post This Link and tell you all that I got 58 of them correct. I’m not sure why the guy who runs my site wants you all to believe that I’m smarter than I am since it’s a well known fact that I’m a fucking moron, but I’m going to fess up right now: I only got 17.

Yes, I said 17.

Does it make it better or worse that I could have gotten more, if only I could figure out how to spell them?

Don’t answer that. Let’s all just accept the fact I’m damn near functionally retarded and never mention any of this ever again.

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43 Responses to I Shit You Not

  1. squeaky

    I got 25, but then again I wasn’t completely sure what a sovereign nation was.

  2. Elizabeth Miller

    TWO updates in one day? Wow. That never happens.

  3. Prometheus

    I got 78, yay for that! Debating and watching/reading the news has clearly done me some good!

  4. Sevaul

    I got 38 which is kind of sad yet greatly entertains me after I looked at the percentages of who puts what countries. Most of the 90%+ countries I completely ignored trying to put other countries. Hell, I didn’t even put the USA or Canda.. But I did have Vatican city so that’s a plus right? All in all weird test, felt more like a spelling bee than an actual quiz.

  5. Parasiet

    I got 112, but I guess having a weird thing for knowing all the countries and their capitals counts as cheating. Or actually, I should’ve known them all. And knowing a lot of countries doesn’t make you smart. Knowing what is going on in each of them and how it affects other countries and their economies and stuff makes you smart.
    Besides, ask the average European to name all the states in the US and their answer will be surprisingly low.
    (Before any Europeans start flaming me for being an idiot American or whatever: I’m European too, sorry.)

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  7. kyle.smith

    Lol I got a 17 too. That’s sad.

  8. Prometheus

    Parasiet: I don’t think the two are equivalent. After all, this isn’t a quiz of how many provinces in Canada/France/China/wherever can you name (the US, of course, isn’t the only country with states or provinces). Ultimately, it is American foreign policy and economics that affects the rest of the world, not the foreign policy of California, or New York, Texas or Florida. So I think it’s more important that people learn the countries of the world, rather than the states of a specific country.

    Also, I’d argue that intelligence isn’t even knowing what’s going on in each country; that is a further example of knowledgeability. Intelligence comes from being able to analyse and understand the events, and to be able to react to new events in meaningful ways.

    All that being said, 112 is very impressive! Even for typing speed alone. Had I been able to recall 112 countries in five minutes, I’m still not convinced that I would have been able to type them so quickly, and I’m quite an adept touch-typist.

  9. Viola

    I too have a problem with spelling them, but the quiz was smarter than I am and corrected a bunch for me. I’m a product of the “Oh, they don’t have to know how to spell things. It just brings down their self-esteem and it isn’t a sign of intelligence anyway so we’re just going to cut it out completely” schooling. I can barely spell regular English words, let alone the names of far-away places. Bad f’n move, school system.

  10. Rooker


    Would have been 66, but I was trying to spell Ecuador with a Q for some reason -_-

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  12. Parasiet

    Prometheus: Your first point is quite valid. But what I meant with that is that it’s easier for Europeans to name a lot of countries, because we’re right in the middle of them. It takes me about 2 hours to get to either Belgium, Germany or Luxembourg. In fact, I think it’s even possible for me to drive from where I live to Belgium and then through Luxembourg and Germany all in 2,5 hours.

    And well, your second point. You’re right. I’m not gonna argue with that.

    And you don’t need to type fast for 112 countries. I entered Bosnia, it changed it into Bosnia and Herzegovina. It changed Congo into Democratic Republic of the Congo, Micronesia into Federated States of Micronesia… So it pretty much did most of my work for me.

  13. Anders

    Don’t even bother asking me to list off countries of the world without at least some frame of reference (like a freaking MAP)

    try this Quiz.


  14. supervisedlove

    Damn, that was hard.

  15. Dangerous

    I woke up today feeling superb and that damned “game” or whatever you want to call it somehow managed to squash my self-esteem like a bug. Let’s put it this way: if V is “damn near functionally retarded,” then I’m just plain ol’ retarded.

  16. ecclefty21

    I got 61, but was disappointed that I missed so many that I should have known off the top of my head.

  17. David

    I got 52, but I’m an abysmal typist, and pissed away a good chunk of timing with misspellings and typos.

  18. Parasiet

    This is also a fun game

  19. Ziah

    I call bullshit. I got a 42 and I’m geographically illiterate.

  20. echoica

    I got 79! A pretty damn good score if you ask me, but I’m surprised I missed such obvious countries such as Egypt and Ireland while entering ones like Micronesia and Palau.

    I feel so much better about myself now. Maybe I’m not really an ignorant American teenager…? 😛

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  22. Evan

    I have challenged myself to learn all the countries of the world by the end of the year. Therefore my record best at this would be 122 in 5 min.

  23. Parasiet

    Since my last post is still awaiting moderation (I guess cause they don’t want you to post urls or something), just google for traveler iq. That’s also a fun game.

  24. The L

    Holy shit, I got 81. I didn’t think I knew that many countries. I mentioned all the obvious ones, and then I delved into the dark abyss of Asia and Africa. The Middle East isn’t too hard, since it’s been in the news, but the former USSR includes countries with REALLY hard-to-spell names. Africa is quite possibly the hardest, since there are over 50 African countries, and only a handful are easy to remember.

    I was disappointed that Lichtenstein wasn’t listed–I could swear it was an independent country.

  25. Prometheus

    The L: It is, I missed it too because it’s spelled Liechtenstein. I, too, forgot that first “e”. And Rooker, I also tried to spell Ecuador with a q. After that, to be honest, I used Safari’s inline spell-checker. Maybe that’s cheating, but I ultimately knew the names of the countries, just had a letter or two off. Countries like Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan are always going to be a pain to spell.

  26. The L

    What about Uzbekistan? 😛

  27. Evan

    The longest is Democratic Republic of the Congo and I think the hardest is Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

  28. T-bird

    64. I’m with you, Liechtenstein people; easy to remember but difficult to spell.

    Also, I forgot Italy, but somehow made room for Djibouti. Italy!

  29. Becket

    This has absolutely nothing to do with the current post. I’m just not sure V has any other way of seeing this, and I’m doing going to the effort of tracking down her email. Its not THAT important.
    Anyway. I read your/V’s article on self esteem and how the Love Me crowd can shove it. It convinced me to go volunteer at a hospice and I’m also considering a children’s museum. This is in addition to being a full time student and overseeing the growth of my six brothers and sisters, whom my father and stepmother are doing a wonderful job of emotionally damaging. Now I know this isn’t a big load to some of you, but to me its load enough. I’m just happy enough that I’m making a positive impact on my life instead of vegging out on the TV anymore. Thanks V for the adVice.

  30. atlas

    […] nu stiu cum cacat, dar am gasit un blog care-mi place si pe care l-am pus la ’sites i’ve enjoyed recently’. si primul post e despre un test despre cate tari a putut autorul sa numeasca intr-un test d-ala care ne umplu 5 minute din viata plicticoasa. el a numit 17, cica e prost si o zice amuzant. […]

  31. KBlock

    I got over 60 but missed some relatively easy ones, like Greece and Turkey. For some reason I thought of Papua New Guinea and Luxembourg, and it made me feel pretty smart. I never heard of a lot of those countries. Great quiz for fun.

  32. cjlr

    166. I ran out of time before I could finish Africa…

    Is it ridiculous that I would have gotten a perfect score, if it was a six minute quiz?

  33. C

    67, desperately humming snatches of the Animaniacs song to myself. “United states Canada, Mexico Panama, Haiti Jamaica Peru…. something something…. Crete and El Salvador too…”

  34. bedrestmommy

    Hey there! A friend of mine (skippy) sent me your way, said I’d love your blog – and he was right! So much so that I’d love to add a link to you on my blog – which is new and just getting going.. but wanted to make sure that was ok with you first?

    With that said, I love your writing and style and you have a new fan and reader!

    Take care!

  35. Lyly

    I got 97 before I ran out of time, I had just finished North Africa, starting from Canada and running south-east…

    After looking through the thing afterward, I would only have missed 14 had I not had a time limit 🙁

  36. camneely

    Spelling sucks.

  37. anastasia

    I forgot Denmark…

    but at least I remembered Azerbajan!

  38. Mary

    Dude, did you fucking die?

    Just wondering.

  39. zim

    Animaniacs “nations of the world” song helped me to 42. I can’t believe I missed Australia.

  40. 13Souls

    hellooo… update? I thought the new management would ensure more updates, was I wrong?

  41. KBlock

    I prefer the silence to another dodgy guest post. But I did really like this blog and hope to read new content soon.

  42. fun22

    I got 35. I felt very dense. Especially when I realized I missed silly ones like Australia, Sweden and Greece. At least I got Tanzania and Barbados. But who is supposed to get Kiribati and Tuvalu. ??? The fact that they count ppl who take the test multiple times throws off the curve I am sure..

  43. kristencolv

    I got 44. Thank God for high school spanish where I memorized much of the Central and South America countries, and for world history which forced me to learn much of Europe and some of Africa. ^_^

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