Calling All Degenerates

February 23rd, 2009.

I’ll admit it.

Reviewing EJ was a lot of fun. In fact, I had so much fun skewering that self important little bastard, that when someone else offered me cold hard cash to review them, I couldn’t hit the ‘accept’ button quick enough. Two idiots in less than a week? Is it fucking Christmas around here or something?

Silly me, I should have checked out the site before accepting because what I ended up with is Online Casino Reviews. Yes, you read that right. I am supposed to review a site that exists solely to review other sites.

My head hurts already.

The fact of the matter is I am not a degenerate gambler. Ultimately, I really have no fucking clue what makes a good gambling review site. Hell, I don’t even know what makes a good gambling site. Pictures of naked women? Loud music that drowns out the sound of your child’s sobs after you pissed away his college fund? Who fucking knows? I’ll tell you who: degenerates. Sorry, but I am not a part of that club.

So I’m going to go with what I know and say the layout of this site is annoying. I don’t like excessive graphics and logos on a website. That’s my personal preference.

Also, the reviews aren’t interesting. Whether or not they are informative, I can’t say. What I can say is they look like they were all written by retarded chimps. Ideally, if you are going to have a review site, my suggestion would be to find a legible author with just a touch of goddamn personality. This is not entertaining:

The casino software is also state-of-the-art, quick download or no-download version available. Plus an easy to use interface makes this a great choice for casino gambling online.

*Safe and secure credit card transaction

So my advice to this site is to find someone to write more comprehensive and entertaining reviews who can also correctly spell words like ‘licensed.’ In a nutshell, whether you’re reviewing products or other sites, a dash of intelligence and a whole lot of spice goes a long way.

As for whether or not the site is useful or accurate, I have no idea. Perhaps if some of my readers of the degenerate persuasion (I know you’re out there!) are in the mood to take a break from tossing their money in the trash, they will generously check out the site and let me know in the comments. Visit Online Casino Blue Book here.

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17 Responses to Calling All Degenerates

  1. Magnus


  2. VA: Calling All Degenerates

    […] Original post: Calling All Degenerates […]

  3. emotionalVomit

    I always love your words of encouragement!!!

  4. emotionalVomit

    Now I’m misspelling too!!! I love when people are critical about spelling, and they can’t even spell either!!

    Miss Middle of Manchester…..the word is gambling, with an N, not gamling!!

    Let’s see if I can spell this correctly now. LOL!!

  5. emotionalVomit

    I’m such a bad bad bad misspeller!! Is that a word even????

  6. helpfuladvice

    I’m sorry to let you know, but you have been taken advantage of. Your site has significant Google PageRank; they don’t care what you’re saying about them here. They only care that you link to them, and by doing so give them some of that valuable, valuable PageRank.

    If you want to reduce the value of the link to zero, add rel=”nofollow” to it. That will tell Google you’re not endorsing this site, even though you’re linking to it.

  7. exoendo

    are you serious?

    No really, are you serious V?

    are you that lacking in ideas these days you have to review review sites?



    “I believe that online gamblig is illegal in the USA (or so highly restricted that it makes not difference)”

    No and no. It’s not illegal at all, except in the state of washington. It’s perfectly legal and acceptable to play online, but it is illegal to run a gambling site (which is why they are offshore).

  8. faced

    First, rad that exoendo can’t spell gambling whilst trying to slam you (simple pleasures). Second, I would love for you to review my blog and wouldn’t even care if you linked me because your fuckin funny and make my day. Interested?

  9. exoendo

    “First, rad that exoendo can’t spell gambling ”

    yup and it’s pretty rad of YOU to not realize I was quoting someone else. Congrats on being retarded. Have a nice day.

  10. nobakecheezcake

    “From there huge welcome bonus, to there “Rushmore” support,”

    WHY can’t people seem to grasp the proper use of their vs there vs they’re?


  11. saraphonic

    Why are people nitpicking over spelling and grammatical errors when the priority should obviously be the content of the entries? V is getting pathetic and it makes me discouraged by the quality of todays bloggers. This blog has jumped the shark.

  12. exoendo

    what’s more important is how thoroughly owned “faced” is. “simple pleasures” indeed. If she could only have brought herself to read one lousy sentence she would have realized her original inclinations were wrong. Hell looking at the quote mark would have sufficed. Instead she ended up falling flat on her face because her brain is too small to do basic reading comprehension.


  13. Spasebo

    What’s more important is how thoroughly butthurt exo is, seeing as he’s still going on about the shit, a whole post later. :C

  14. exoendo

    I can’t help it. I just love it when people get so owned.

  15. prophit618

    Well, I guess this kind of marks me as the only degenerate here. Even worse, I have been reading this blog from the beginning, and this is my first time posting; my only motivation being that I saw no one else actually taking a look at the site, and being a well-weathered gambler (both online and in reality), I thought maybe I could have some input.
    As such, I’m here to report that this site fails as a review site. It gives little to no information about the site it’s reviewing, except the same tired list of “features” at the end of every review, which are almost required at every site. The fact that their top three sites do not have “secure payment options” as a feature is actually scary (I thought they might just not be mentioning such things, but #4 does). Really, the site seems to exist primarily to sell other sites, not to give honest reviews. A total loser of a site.
    And furthermore, though I find it somewhat less than exciting to find you reviewing random sites for your entries on this site, I still find your writing to always be entertaining, regardless of subject matter. I know you wouldn’t listen to the comments’ bitching anyway, but thought I’d throw out my support. Keep up the good work.
    Now, I’m back off to disappear again, forgetting my password, and never posting again.

  16. KBlock

    You used to be more interesting, V.

  17. mkf

    you know, signing up to have somebody like you review my blog is just exactly the sort of impulsive, dumbass, asking-for-it thing i’d do when i’m drunk (which is one of the reasons i always leave my wallet down in the car).

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