I Don’t Know How I Missed This

November 30th, 2006.

Ok people, this is how you join a catchphrase contest!

Some of my favorites:

*Miles and miles of sprawling contempt and insensitivity

*Like the Sound of Music…only Julie Andrews gets shot

*I’m the bitch who hands out fruit at Halloween

*One part K-Y, two parts cayenne pepper

But I think the phrase I’m going to go with is:

I’m just like you, only I’m interesting and my life isn’t devoid of meaning

Bells and whistles, please! Everyone head on over to Grimthing and congratulate his recent victory. Grimthing, you have earned a link on my side bar (I’ll pop it up there tonight) and it will stay there for as long as you keep updating. So, no slacking!

*cue Miss America music now*



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