How I Almost Got Sued In My First 30 Days of Writing

December 30th, 2006.

People who have tuned into my website recently have expressed some confusion over what shall henceforth be referred to as ‘The Mommyblogger Saga.’ Basically, it is a series of posts that can be found in my October archives that don’t make much sense unless you were around when everything was happening. The Saga tells an epic tale of an innocent blogger (Me) who almost got sued within her first few days of writing because some bitter hags couldn’t take a joke. Since I’m lazy and, like, so over it, I have been casually ignoring any relating questions. However, MTC decided to save my ass and sum the entire thing up for my loyal readers in comic formation. Enjoy!

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Big props to MTC for making this comic for me. Rumor has it that he can persuaded do some work for you, too, if you wave enough green in front of his face. Get in touch with him by visiting his website here or emailing him here.

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3 Responses to How I Almost Got Sued In My First 30 Days of Writing

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    […] Ah, shit – one good turn deserves another, I suppose. If I linked to the Sweetney shit, I gotta link to this. Boy, question somebody’s Alexa stats, and they get touchy. I have to say, I’m disappointed. All that cartoon mockery, and what have I gotten in return? A few lousy search hits. Yo, VA! Where’s my TRAFFIC, bitch?! I’m getting far more hits off of this than off of searches for “zero boss”. I better see THOUSANDS of results by morning, or I’ll have to conclude that you’re losing your touch. Give This Article a Thumbs-Up! […]

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