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Update Soup: Catchphrase Contest, Pick The Brain, and Death Bunny

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

I’ve got a couple of things to say today and I’m going to try to mash them all into a single post because I’m in a lazy sort of mood. Before anyone complains about this post’s general lack of cohesiveness, please just keep in mind that I could have written a story about how I […]

Ineffectual Parenting is to Blame for the Majority of the School Shootings

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

The day my eye doctor told my Mother I needed glasses must have broken her heart. I was 9 years old at the time and I could plainly see the disappointment on her face. Her thought process must have gone something like this: My daughter? In glasses? Looking like some kind of a loser dork? […]

What Would Happen if You Bought 25 Bottles of Nyquil?

Monday, May 28th, 2007

Ever since I was a little girl, I have periodically played a game I like to call ‘What would happen if…’ The very first time I played this game I was 5 years old and riding in the car with my Mother. She had allowed me to sit in the front seat, but the novelty […]

Why Rockstar Mommy’s Husband Spent Mother’s Day Boffing His Secretary

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

It’s actually quite fun to watch her empty little mind vainly attempt to string together mildly coherent sentences, but I simply have to call bullshit….only because it’s a pet peeve of mine when bloggers make up blatant lies in order to discredit someone rather than actually defend their position. Normally, I let it slide because […]

Rockstar Mommy: Utterly Brilliant? Or Dumb Attention Whore? Well, It Depends on Whether or Not You’ve Seen Her Pictures. All 10 Thousand of Them.

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

Do you want to know what I think is funny? I think married Mothers of four who feel the need to publicly validate their physical appearances via the Internet are funny. Case in point: Rockstar Mommy. Please take a moment to stare in awe at the vast amount of self portraits, including two (Two!) attempts […]