Catchphrase Credits

  • I’m just like you, only I’m interesting and my life isn’t devoid of meaning — Grimthing
  • An angel in a see-through dress — Second Best, BNL
  • It’s not as if I’m going to look into my angry-bag and see I’ve run out of angry — Radical Bacon
  • Because Obsessing Over My Opinions is Easier Than Forming Your Own — Vexa
  • They say you’ll never love another til you love yourself. Well, brother I’m in love with everyone I see. — The Wizard of Magicland, BNL
  • Stab and Twist Until the Stupid is Dead — Bynkii
  • Rocking On In My Sluthood — Around The Bend
  • Abdicate Your Intellectual Responsibility to Me. I’ll Think FOR You. — Myspace guy
  • It’s Bitchtastic — Just Sayin
  • Like You, But With Poor Impulse Control — Cultural Relevantism

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